1. Visit German village. Cute cobblestone roads. Get a pastry from pistachia vera, coffee from stauffs and next door is the 30+ roomed book loft. Around there are a few stores like tiki, urban sundry, vernacular, and franks stained glass. Grab something to eat at chapman's, a ny times 50 best restaurants in the USA 2021. Or Schmidt's sausage Haus for the German buffet, the Autobahn. Or go a lil west to high street for small bites at law bird, barreled ages sour beers at antiques on high, and czech pastries, kolache, at kolache republic.

  2. German Village and its environs are great. Pistacia Vera (excellent coffee and pastry, though most come for desserts) and a walk around the neighborhood and Schiller Park is a nice start to any day.

  3. Where is this located? That’s a low ball offer for Bay Area. I was offered 45/hour 10 years ago for a contract scientist position

  4. You need to ask for way more Bc you are a contractor, you need probably $120k minimum. You technically don’t get holiday or pto/sick, so you are maybe getting paid only 50 or 49 weeks out of the normal 52 weeks in a year. Also no benefits is something you need to factor in as well. Contractor Benefits have high premiums for shit options. You need to consider paying more out of pocket for these expenses.

  5. Yeah it's super high cost. 460 a month for a high deductible HSA for medical alone. 40 for dental. Not including stuff like life insur, lost opportunity in 401k match, no bonuses, ect, ect.

  6. I was in a similar position with you. I feel like I had a hand in many different areas, but am not an expert in some of the more marketable skills in my field of Bioanalytical chemistry.

  7. Single barrel is kind of regulated. Mgp isn’t sending single casks to Kentucky. It’s coming in a giant vat, being re-barreled and being called single barrel. That single barrel is both true and not since it was mixed with a bunch of other barrels for transport. Again it’s a gray area.

  8. That not true, transport isn't vatting all barrels for transport. MGP has plenty of barrels bought and transported in the barrels until bottling. They do everything. Contract distilled white dog vats for X, batched finished product for Y, single barrel finished for Z, and blended vats for your own finishing for Q. They have their own single barrels too. While not truly regulated, most are true to it's name. It's a single barrel poured out and bottled.

  9. I keep seeing references to “Store Picks” here, can you explain?

  10. Store employees or some group of tasters go and taste barrels and they bottle it. You are basically getting a single barrel expression of whatever brand. In abv states or very large stores it could be a batch of barrels they choose. Each barrel is roughly 200 bottles, less if older. You are basically trusting the store made a good pick that aligns with your own tastes.

  11. Banksy exhibit coming next from these very same scammers

  12. Ohio is an ABC state for liquor. Everything is on the OHLQ app. It gets updated by many stores at midnight, so you can see where you want to go the next morning. Alot of Kroger liquor stores display Mondays. But some display on the weekends too. Check out westside liquor and delhi liquor near cheviot. Go across to Kentucky, party source is amazing in sheer size and you may find a private selection. Same goes for uncorked and liquor city. Uncorkd's private select barrel of new riff goes on sale soon.

  13. When can wawa make it here? Anyone wanna open a franchise 😅

  14. 2008 south oval had the roots and circa survive. By the rpac there was anberlin and maybe Bayside or Hawthorne heights

  15. Asian stores will have em. Park to shop in dublin usually has a few bags, I just got some on Sunday. Saraga, CAM, and Sunrise will probably have it too. Worst quality is probably Saraga, its cheaper per pound, but you have to pick out the old woodier bits.

  16. Been going for over a decade. Always a great time. I'm convinced it's just a reunion for the artists. Artist overlap from year to year are so high, they must just like hanging out with their friends. Don't get me wrong, It's always a banger.

  17. Its less like American smoked bbq, and more a fusion of marinated grilled meats with Asian, specifically Japanese influences. Teriyaki, Katsu. Kalbi (marinated grilled short ribs, kalua pork (roasted shredded pork), Lots of things made with spam, fried eggs, and covered in gravies. Meat plus 2 sides is called a plate. meat with rice and mac salad. Hawaiian mac salad uses heavy duty/kewpie mayo, could contain more seafood flavors like imitation crab and seaweed.

  18. Any ramen that's fast enough to be served in a drive through will not be worth it

  19. Ehh its mostly prep. Cooking noodles is super fast. Pour in tare, noodles, broth, and add toppings. Its fast food in Japan too. Whole meal can be served and eaten in 15 mins.

  20. 10 team ppr Qb Stafford Rb Chubb's Rb Montgomery Wr deebo Wr sun God Te Shultz or Knox leaning Knox Flex playstation or Brandin cooks leaning playstation Dst miami K folk

  21. Beat the undefeated team as a 4th seed with a 3 game losing streak! Miami D and Deebo much appreciated! Lord help me in the ship. Hes got josh allen, davante adams, jaylen waddle, Mark andrews

  22. So if we've determined the two armpits, who's the buttcrack?

  23. Apollo’s is the type of establishment you go to when you’re drunk and want cheap stuff. Nobody out of college and/or sober would ever think to eat there. Not to mention their ownership is a bit “strange”

  24. I wonder if there are any interesting ethnic neighborhoods in Columbus similar to Chinatowns or little Italies?

  25. Governor's square has Japan village. Where tensuke, belles, Akai Hana, and others are. That shopping center also has other Asian restaurants. Bethel and Henderson road in general is where alot of asian food and groceries are located.

  26. Forest park east, Minerva park, Northwest side of north linden, and southern part of northern woods area has a ton of working class immigrants from Africa, Nepal, latin america and other locales. Morse between Cleveland and Karl has many types of pan African cuisine from somalia, Ethiopian, Nigerian, Senegalese, ect. There has been a recent (past 5 years) uptick of Nepalese shops, butchers groceries as well. Much of it is anchored around both Saraga grocery stores and Columbus square shopping center. Lots of diversity in shops and food. Worth checking out these small business with great food if you are adventurous. Can be a culture shock from the rest of cbus. Start from 71 and go south on Cleveland. Explore west on 161 and along morse. There's taco trucks, pho, brazilian grocery with bbq, halal shops, bakeries, Persian kebobs, Yemeni food. Alot more African food recently opened up past Morse on Cleveland Ave by the second Saraga too.

  27. Yeah, I was hoping to find for more info here. It's the same article across abc/fox too.

  28. The brussel sprouts at alphabet, pistachio canolli at borgata, tan tan ramen from red rabbit, pork tenderloin sandwich from cluck Norris, lumpia and chicken skewer boni, lobster roll and tots from cuzzo Maine's

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