1. In anime terms, season 1 and 2 are my personal favourite animes of all time. After that it just get's progressively worse and worse.

  2. If the fight-flight response is being activated in a sensitive person then blood pressure can go up. Yours is slightly different as the bottom number is elevated a little bit and that could be due to stress.

  3. You got me interested, but where can I even start, also is the book really long I wanna get ready and get into it as fast as I can.

  4. Enthuisiasm is a great thing. There are some key chapters and from memory there is a summary... So, I suppose you could read the summary and then practice. Then mixing practice with further reading over the next few days. That way, if you think that would help you start incorporating the habbit into your schedule and you will then have the practice to help you understand the reading. Re-reading and reviewing will be of further help due to understanding how to practice better.

  5. Ok so with which book should I get started?

  6. Another example of, you are not ugly, just fat, nice job!

  7. When can I evolve Comseom, I just finished the research for catch 3 pokemon and have 100 candies?

  8. How do I get more cosmog candies?

  9. They are not making it home.. why purposely offend a culture that clearly hates your existence and kills gay people or jails them..

  10. The single redditor actually making sense with what he's saying, wow.

  11. Neither because I do not have enough cosmog candies

  12. I have a shiny Bonsly from an egg, should I evolve it to Sudowodoo or keep it as a Bonsly, which one is rarer?

  13. Which Shadow Pokemon are worth using a Charged TM to get rid of Frustration?

  14. Besides Baki and Kengan most manga characters often pull this "you sure are strong" quote before beating their enemies, or some side characters watching the fight say "X is strong! How could Y beat them?" or "X is strong, I can't imagine X losing this!" then X loses the fight.

  15. Yeah but usually it's not like in Kengan Omega when the guy that loses is probably the strongest character in the verse and he loses 1v1.

  16. "You were too strong. That is why you lost."

  17. Front Squat makes my upper back hurt...

  18. They should make you sore but not hurt. Either your front squat form is terrible or you have some kind of spinal issues

  19. Yeah I do have scoliosis, It doesn't bother me for anything other than squats. It is realllyy mild that's why I didn't mention it.

  20. Man, it's like you guys are practically begging me to try it

  21. It's much less forgiving than league and you can literally say whatever the fuck you want and nobody gets butthurt, it's like CS:GO you can trashtalk and everything and you do not get permabanned :)

  22. How to catch legendary raid bosses? I am using only golden razz berries and even hit a couple excellent throws and Giratina just ran away, is it purely just luck?

  23. While there is random luck involved, there are things you can do to maximize your chances of catching it so that you'll catch legendaries more often than not.

  24. I am doing the first 3 things, I just can't get used to where to throw to get an excellent throw, and it takes me more that 2 throws to know that.

  25. I don't know why would you say that, or why would you compare Escanor with Mael, but

  26. Damn, then what if The One Mael went with the SDS against DK, would he just destroy him completely? The One Escanor held his own against DK Zeldris, and if Afternoon Mael is stronger than The One Escanor it only makes sense he destroys DK Zeldris, right?

  27. Indeed it makes sense, the first two Dk Zel forms would be easily slaughtered by High Noon Mael according to my opinion.

  28. That would be really cool, I would want to see The One Mael VS Arthur.

  29. How much time can I retrieve my Arcana? I do not have a PC near me today can I retrieve it tomorrow or a week from now?

  30. I don't know if people told you before... But moves reset upon evolving. So TM'ing before evolving is useless (unless you're dealing with frustration).

  31. Yes I just fouind out from a discord about Pokemon GO, I evolved and it gave me Incinerate and Energy Ball......

  32. Why should you? That only wastes your TMs. Evolve first and then make sure it gets the right moves. Depending on the rest of your teams you can pick fire or ghost.

  33. But doesn't evolve not make him get new moves, the ones I have currently are dog shit.

  34. That's quite a broad question. It depends what Pokemon they are, and what you intend to use them for.

  35. Whay do you mean, what kind of Pokemon they are?

  36. By kind of Pokemon, I mean their species - a Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Pidgey, etc. There are some Pokemon that are very unlikely to be useful in any kind of battle, and for those kind of Pokemon, basically you probably only want to keep one of. If you're never going to use something in battle, then it's not worth considering its IVs.

  37. How can I find which species I will use for battle or are any good?

  38. Not unless you plan to do 5 star raids with the absolute minimum amount of players possible (solo/duo in most cases) or are heavily into PvP (where IVs matter more in regards to charge move priority ties, stat product, and fitting in under CP limits).

  39. By level of pokemon do you mean it's CP?

  40. Yesn't. The CP takes into account the Pokemon's level (or rather in the formula for CP it's the level-specific CP multiplier) but the little white dot on the arc above the Pokemon is the only visual indicator for it's level. The further to the right, the higher the level.

  41. I have no clue what I read, I guess for raids I shouldn't care that much about IV and moves and more on CP on the mon?

  42. Here you go, this has the best moves for all pokemon.

  43. No idea what I am looking at in this site, can you guide me?

  44. Does everybody not like Pokemon GO?

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