1. Love this breakdown of the facts, but can we not with the Emmett Till photo 😳 Is that supposed to be ironic???? I’m lost.

  2. I don’t think it was intentional— if you have links in your post, the first link will automatically be shown as a sort of preview and its top image will be displayed. The first link in this post is to the Emmet Till wiki page, so unfortunately that’s the image that shows up.

  3. What I’m not understanding is why she didn’t just take another bike if there were plenty there. Even in your parking analogy, why would you try to drive into a parking lot someone else is just standing in if there’s another one right next to it? By the same token why would he care which bike he uses if all he needs to do is wait for a while to check out a new bike? Can’t he just take another bike?

  4. There were plenty of bikes, but not electric bikes- that’s what the kids were squatting on.

  5. I read the the same story but it became clear to me what they were doing. I get why they were doing it but that doesn’t make it right. The kids seem to be under the impression that because they always pull this shit that its ok. And of course their mom is both clueless and can only see them as perfect angels.

  6. Not to dis the twitter break, but I wonder if he would have approached the article differently if he had seen more of the progression of the author’s tweets leading up to it? From what I saw, it looks like she was pretty shameless about fueling the fire and encouraging the initial doxing, and has been staunchly defending the pile on ever since.

  7. Building civilizations, aircraft, quantum experiments… the possibilities are endless.

  8. I’m going to make them sign a nonaggression pact…

  9. Red racer nerite from Shrimpy Business :)

  10. I swear I read someone on here made these, and reported back something like “it slid down my throat like it was getting away with something.” That phrase has stuck with me ever since. It’s poetry.

  11. Is Essie short for anything? Esperanza?

  12. I’ve heard it as a nickname for Esther- never as a stand alone name, though.

  13. I remember buying some book back when OOTP had just come out called “the ultimate unofficial guide to the mysteries of Harry Potter.”

  14. Yea but you literally can’t be an incel if you’re having sex even remotely regularly. You can be an asshole but not an incel. It’s in the very word incel.

  15. Hey, vet tech here. I asked around at work about this today because it's a really good question I'd never thought about despite all the urinary cats we see!

  16. Thanks for asking around! That’s good advice- I’ll send Hill’s an email about it, and if they get back to me I’ll post their response as a reply here

  17. Unpopular opinion, but I actually do miss some of the duggar recipe reviews. Someone did a series of them (tater tot casserole, the BBQ tuna, Jill’s crime against humanity “enchiladas”) like 3 years ago. I thought it was quality snark. I’d read some more duggar recipe tests, especially when not a lot is going on in Fundieland.

  18. I think it was on a review of Jill’s “walker burritos” or something like that, but I often remember the line “it slithered down my throat like it was getting away with something” and it always cracks me up. Those reviews could be just brilliant.

  19. Take out the pound signs before the numbers ;)

  20. Why? He did something heinous, why give him a break? It isn't a victimless crime or a hand-wavey situation that he may or may not win. I'm not a lawyer so it doesn't make sense to me.

  21. To my understanding, it doesn’t mean that the plea deal would be particularly good for him. If he doesn’t have information worth bargaining for (and I would be amazed if he did) and the evidence is damning, it’s more of a chance to 1) save time and resources on a trial 2) spare victims/family members the ordeal. And the defendants often accept it because it’s the choice between 1) going to prison for a long time and 2) airing all of your remaining humiliating secrets publicly and then going to prison for a long time.

  22. If he wants to avoid embarrassment, why not just plead guilty? The family/victim situation makes sense but in this particular case, I'm not sure it applies. The girls in the DD video aren't going to appear in court and I'm sure their true identity is protected -- well, the ones who are still alive.

  23. Because until they proceed with discovery, his lawyers won’t know for sure what the prosecutors have on him or not. Even if they know everything the defendant did did, they don’t know if the prosecution has all that evidence for sure.

  24. Yeah and I feel like they are the people to let the kids leave mess everywhere and not clean it up. They are those people at a restaurant

  25. And then tip with one of those fake 20s covered in bible smug and false hope

  26. Lauren Caldwell is courting every unmarried, of-age Duggar son.

  27. Do we know what Lupin's patronus is?

  28. What is the origin of this gif does anyone know? Who is that girl and what is the context lol.

  29. IIRC, This clip is from back in her Nostalgia Chick days, when she reviewed Tom Green’s, uh, sausage-heavy magnum opus, “Freddy Got Fingered”

  30. Are there...two toilets in the playroom bathroom? Or is one a sink? God I hope there is a sink in there.

  31. She is 9-12 months old, 20 lb, 19 inch chest circumference, 12 inch neck, about 16 inch from shoulder to base of tail, 13 inch leg from top of shoulder to paw.

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