1. easier said than done, much easier to masturbate to porn than go out and get a partner

  2. dont worry, just try and minimise the amount of times you bust from now on, it is not the end of the journey :)

  3. yeah, turns out I had to press on "login with microsoft" and it worked from there

  4. very well thanks, it has definitely got easier to control urges since day 1

  5. Get very strong urges which can last around an hour but I am pushing through, from experience the first 3-4 days are the hardest :)

  6. really hope a dev sees this, these would all be great changes to the game

  7. I missed seeing an AN-225 last year due to clouds, that was the last time it ever flew over England before its destruction :(

  8. Irrelevant comment: This photograph looks like a painting, nice šŸ‘šŸæ

  9. I do this sometimes and feel like crawling into a hole in the ground and dying every time. I can't fucking control it. It just fucking happens sometimes.

  10. don't stress about it, whenever it happens to someone I am talking to I forget about it after about 30 seconds, it may seem gross but it is really not that big of a deal (or at least to me its not) :)

  11. you will be fine, just do all of your work in class, do all of your homework and you will be ok :)

  12. Definitely possible, I went from a 6 in English literature in my November mock to a 9 in the real gcse, could have been a fluke or generous marking but it is 100% possible if you work hard

  13. yeah haha, managed to scrape a 5 in Spanish when I got a 2 in mock lol

  14. Make sure you give yourself time to relax, getting a good sleep at night is vital to remembering content and will help you loads. Please ask your teachers if you do not fully understand something, they are there to help and it could save you a few marks when the exams come around. Use your mocks as a benchmark to see where you are and what you need to really focus on, I'm sure you will be perfectly fine :)

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