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  1. I have a crush on one of my best friends and I'm to afraid to tell her because I can't tell if she likes me in the same way and if she doesn't o don't want to make things awkward

  2. same here, we get along really well and spend a lot of time together but I have no idea if she likes me back lol

  3. If I had those teeth I would be sooo happy, you have some beautiful teeth, please take care of them and don’t stress too much.

  4. Just curious. What are you guys' longest streak? Mine is 49

  5. Currently on day 18, by far the furthest I have ever been

  6. You got this mate, we are all here for you! I know for a fact you will be successful in your journey, we are all doing the same things, good luck! πŸ‘

  7. HES DONE IT!!! Well done soldier, I am proud of you and I will hopefully achieve the same thing πŸ₯³

  8. Thank you my guy !!!πŸ™ I will see you at the finish line, I believe in you πŸ’ͺπŸ‘‘

  9. Thank you so much mate, I will make you proud 🫑

  10. Let's go mate, I have found myself talking to wayy more people and making a fair amount of new friends, glad to hear that there is someone else out there with the same success! Keep it up!

  11. PMO is actually depressing and tiring, I've relapsed but I'm starting over

  12. your badge says day 119 lol

  13. keep forgetting to update it, feel bad that I could be on day 119 if I didn't relapse lol

  14. been there too, had an old counter reaching a 6 months mark but I had been relapsing recently, so I was like oh, crap... puts everything in perspective

  15. exactly, makes you realise how far you could have been, oh well, we are going to power through it mate!

  16. Yknow when you fall asleep, but don't dream anything? Thats exactly (in my opinion) what death will be like, just extended forever. So in a way you're already experiencing it regularly

  17. It is odd, I have seen and experienced some unexplainable stuff that has been caused by an unknown entity, in my opinion there could be absolutely anything after death, we will literally never know until we die

  18. Yes haha. I see that he is always alone.

  19. Personally I like Phil Collins music from the early 1980s, but in my experience a lot of people born in the 80s (or later) are generally not fond of any of his music.

  20. Why are there so many things blurry in this picture? Even before the 'ghost'?

  21. maybe rain got on the camera and blurred the image or it could be a dirty lens

  22. Okay I'm not one for those people who calls everything a demon because It's always seemed a little regressive to me, but only a demon could do something as despicable as breaking a DS 😭 all jokes aside tho that sounds pretty unsettling, not that I try to dismiss peoples stories but generally when people talk about paranormal events they go purely off vibes, but this is legitimate physical activity. If you don't mind, I'm curious about the missing stuff and the CDs.

  23. Haha, it is mainly random things really. Around 2015 time I had rented a trombone for a school music club and ensured that I kept the mouthpiece with the trombone at all times, yet it just vanished one evening despite no one touching it. This could be a case of it falling or something but it has happened with so many things, guitars having strings ripped off, small toys disappearing, and things moving place. I owned a fair amount of CDs from various artists which I stored in a large open shelf. These were rarely touched by anyone apart from me so I doubt anyone would go in there are leave scratches on almost 30 CDs. The strange part is that this has happened to game discs, movies etc over the course of the time I lived there. No one had any idea what had done this and often blamed me, which puzzled me even more, but it is strange that an entity chose to cause damage and disruption which really creeps me out.

  24. Man that sucks, it's infinitely frustrating to have your stuff destroyed then everyone blames it on you. Glad you were able to move away from all that. I don't have much to add in terms of determining the cause or culprit, but whatever it was seems conscious enough to target your belongings and tangible enough to break them, so that's pretty terrifying 😭

  25. It was horrifying, my family was not fully aware that it was not a "human" losing/breaking things which made it worse as it was pretty confusing. So happy we moved away, the house was built in the 1920s if that adds to any spookiness, I just cannot comprehend the fact that something inhumane can cause damage like that, it has happened to loads of people around the world, living in constant anxiety that something expensive will be broken by an out of control entity, really leaves you wondering about ghosts and stuff and how much we don't know about the paranormal.

  26. I watched this closely and somehow, someway it did not tailstrike, but it did strike all four engines... Combined with that "approach", the avgeek part of my brain is absolutely screaming watching this.

  27. applying to b and m soon, just need to finish my cv

  28. Wow! Nice catch, I have never seen a DC-3 flying so low, good video mate

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