1. got a meh photo of it, clouds rolled in before i got a chance to try again, tragic

  2. Better than me. I live south of Glasgow so the light pollution is terrible, plus we arenโ€™t exactly famous for our clear skies up here.

  3. how far would you have to travel to get to an area with less light pollution? I've always been under the impression that Scotland has a lot of clear skies

  4. Mating season does a number on them. Tails, ears, wounds on face. I got a kid with half his ear hanging off

  5. oh right, hopefully it doesn't impact their lives too much ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. Aww poor little baby, but hes still a happy camper eating n enjoying life!!๐ŸŒž

  7. exactly, as long as there is food between his paws he's happy :)

  8. According to this account from IANDS, there are video games in the afterlife, but they all suck, because the concepts of winning and losing donโ€™t exist in the afterlife. Your question reminded me of it.

  9. It's still not out tho ://

  10. should arrive in about 10 hours when the shop refreshes

  11. easier said than done, much easier to masturbate to porn than go out and get a partner

  12. dont worry, just try and minimise the amount of times you bust from now on, it is not the end of the journey :)

  13. yeah, turns out I had to press on "login with microsoft" and it worked from there

  14. very well thanks, it has definitely got easier to control urges since day 1

  15. Get very strong urges which can last around an hour but I am pushing through, from experience the first 3-4 days are the hardest :)

  16. really hope a dev sees this, these would all be great changes to the game

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