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  1. We know we suck. We are just too lazy from being fed shit food and barely surviving on shit wages to do anything about it.

  2. Awful lot of explosions and train derailments happening in America right now, almost like we are in a war or something....

  3. Yeah we cancelled Netflix. 22 dollars for some mediocre shit. And I still hate them for canceling mindhunter.

  4. Why is this on oddlyterrifying. Mods doing great work.

  5. It's very entertaining to watch the reds vs the blues guess I'll be entertained for the rest of my life.

  6. Only $16.95 million per month!

  7. "I want to be transparent," which is code for I'm going to lie and not tell you as much as possible.

  8. Yeah I don't understand. As a human race aren't we suppose to be progressing? Lately it seems like we are just repeating the mistakes of our past. Good luck everybody.

  9. Where's Dexter when you need him. Tonight's the night.

  10. Wait. Completely off topic, but G's commercial art class. Are you talking about Butler Tech- Geiser????

  11. Haha see when you said G. I got confused cause our teacher was Mr. Ginter lol. Who was the man in his own right. Look at Katelyn bringing everyone together. As for death penalty. I just wish we still had the chair, but if they give him the death penalty I want to be there to see the same fear I saw in his face when I busted his lip. I'm sorry he and his friends bullied you. I would of gladly got involved had I saw it. But look where u are and look where he is now.

  12. Makes me happy to know I busted this dudes lip when we were in high school for being a narcissistic asshole. I'm sorry for the loss of Katelyn I was in the communications broadcasting class next door to her art class.

  13. If I know my video games well, this'll have a special rare artifact in it.

  14. Florida man throws puppy against a wall, blinding it. This place is another dimension.

  15. Did you all forget about Goldstar. That shit is delicious.

  16. I bought one because of this episode. It wasn't the Marsh's quality but it's good enough for me.

  17. People do some wild shit for a monetary piece of paper.

  18. Lower prices, get rid of a lot of these ridiculous regulations and fees for growers, enact employment protections for those who have an active registration and recommendation and boom.. Program saved.

  19. Lmfao I agree 💯. If you all treated the patients like ppl instead of dollar signs we wouldn't all be signed up to make sure this goes through.

  20. Yeah but it is enough to support yourself with long enough to train/go to college for a major career change, or even enough to do some traveling and see the world. I'm glad the dude was rewarded for his actions.

  21. Bro probably makes more money delivering pizzas than about half of the jobs that require college degrees n e more. Look at teachers.

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