1. I too love hot wings. Don’t care what flavor or size, love me some hot wings.

  2. You look awesome and your cat is adorable.

  3. You do know queer women can also just be friends with other women? We do it all the time.

  4. They know. Every queer person I know knows this. It's just the pal/buddy trope that boomers use to describe their lesbian daughter.

  5. I know that, just in this case they are friends.

  6. Hey for anyone new to Gundam, most of the series end in a bittersweet way if we’re lucky.

  7. What it’s just a familiar try to practice pyromancy. Let the little angel focus on their studies.

  8. I really think some people don’t actually pay attention to story plot. I mean just about evey Gundam series is political in some way. It’s way I love Gundam so much. I get stories that deals on a sociopolitical level and giant robots go pew pew. It’s a win win for me.

  9. Thank you, I knew something wasn’t right. Well besides the whole caveman rape fantasy bs.

  10. Thank you for reminding me why I stopped going to that subreddit.

  11. 90’s anime art style really does just hit different.

  12. I know how to use google. And yes anyone who decides to do a gender reveal is a classic narcissist. Or do you think it’s ok to start fires or contaminate water? Tell me how the other people are doing it for the community?

  13. Not everyone starts fires, most people just cut a cake. But hey be hyperbolic and us the most exaggerating examples to make your point. I guess that’s what you do when you start a straw man argument. Also as a trans person I personally hate gender reveal parties, but I also don’t assume everyone is a narcissist who has one.

  14. If you don’t think they are great then why on earth do you expect anyone else to think they are a good thing? Why are you bent out of shape that I think they are a waste and egotistical?

  15. Omg, trolling is so basic.every time it always goes to your mad or bent out of shape, seriously google “gaslighting”. I’m not bent out of shape, if anything I find this whole discussion pointless and boring. I have a life and don’t have time to talk around in circles, have a nice day.

  16. Anytime I play Guntank I just focus the enemy Guntank.

  17. Same, have to show my dominance or get dominated. I’m not the best at this game.

  18. Caring about cleanliness and tidiness and the wellness of things like our skin is something that is more commonly found in women than men, is it not? If it weren't then it wouldn't be such a stereotype, some stereotypes exist because they are accurate generalizations you know.

  19. No, stereotypes exist mostly to put down and oppress other people. A good example is blacks are all great at basketball ball. Well did you know that because that stereotype it was Jews are all great at basketball. Yeah but stereotypes were founded in ignorance. The truth is basketball was just more popular in big cities. An those cities had a much higher population of Jewish and black people. Had nothing to do with who they are but where they lived. Same with skin care, it’s only feminine because of marketing. The beauty industry has be marketing towards woman since The late 1800’s. It’s not more feminine to care about your skin, it’s just marketed that way.

  20. That tweet just screams no real life woman wants me energy.

  21. The woman made her own choice and it just triggers them.

  22. Wild to think we live in a time period where humans have been on the moon but men still can’t handle women making their own decisions

  23. It really is, but I think most of these men are just projecting. They’re the same men who probably search porn sites for “girl with colored hair.”.

  24. Hiring women would mess with the ratio at truck stop glory holes

  25. Then who’s receiving… wait never mind I figured it out.

  26. It was one of my favourite PS2 games and the reason why I am so fond of Zeon mobile suits.

  27. I still own that game, I played it for a year straight it was a fantastic game.

  28. My sister collects retro consoles/games so she has my copy atm. But I don't feel guilty about raising the skull and bones to play it on my PC if I have to.

  29. Same, don’t have PS2 anymore so being creative on my PC is my only choice at the moment.

  30. They’re trans so in this case “shaved dicks” checks out.

  31. Satan is in the house. He killed my mom, and replaced her with a bull

  32. Father like son, his dad had/has a problem with trans women also. Well we know what their porn search history looks like.

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