AITA for not giving my daughter her education fund money?

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  1. An occasional meal out shouldn't be a big set back with weight loss goals. As she has young ones and dinners out together happens only a few of times each year, eating a meal that you'll enjoy should be okay.

  2. It's an afternoon tea. Dairy and baked goods will be a static even if the fillings change.

  3. NTA. Sounds like your daughter made you breakfast in bed and your wife made you an instant coffee for your birthday. She's TA.

  4. Every interview with picketers "it has nothing to do with the money, it's about the children and doing what is right for the children." Hmmmm

  5. Many teachers use their income to supply their students with things that the education system doesn't sufficiently fund. Some have second jobs due to the lack of pay. They also take work home with them and constantly work over time.

  6. I know a very similar story, they were told there shouldn't be any pain and maybe if it's their head. Consultation with a different OBGYN and they're booked in for surgery a week later!

  7. Demand did not increase, it also went down as prices went up. People didn't actually want more expensive food more.

  8. Let's cut to the chase. I have an economics degree and I am not debating but explaining. Demand going up means that people want more of something than before. That's not what happened. Prices went up because there was less of something than before, not because people wanted more of it than before. Get it now? Downvote away, it's a petty way to be wrong.

  9. I didn't downvote you FYI. I downvote bad attitudes. Chances are I'm wrong and I have no issues admitting that.

  10. Yeah what is this talking about? Fraud is not cowboy lol

  11. That’s the thing, technically it’s not fraud. In Aus at the moment, anyone with a medical license can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon, it doesn’t require extra training like a plastic surgeon. Cosmetic surgeons can just be your GP who took a 5 day course in cosmetic surgery.

  12. My understanding of this too, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but non-medically qualified people who administer injectables and facial thread lefts can also claim to be a cosmetic surgeon?

  13. Yeah nah, mate. Gotta love the Australian media and their colloquial language.

  14. The thumbnail on this article makes it look like a small sticker, like you might get after a service but thing is basically the size of an A4 piece of paper and it does not come off easy.

  15. My understanding (not a lawyer or work in law or anything) is that it is interfering with someone else's property so it is likely that someone would win if they sued. The sticker could be seen as vandalism, they are not easy to remove, the stickers could damage the properly, sticker placement could block necessary vision while driving and endanger the driver or other road users.

  16. That I emphasise improvements between sessions to make them feel like they are doing a good job

  17. I work at a supported accommodation for students who have come from homelessness.

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