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  1. And the different color array? I remember reading that he said when you offer different colors it’s because you are lacking innovation or something like that. He would have hated it. I remember when it was a big deal when they had three colors (silver black and rose gold )

  2. Someone else said it well: “Steve had a lot of strong opinions, most loosely held.” For example, the first thing he did when he returned to Apple was launch the colorful iMac line, and quickly introduced a variety of color options. He would very often change his opinion if he found something better (as one should).

  3. What are you talking about? He’s been the lead host of three shows since Community ended (The Great Indoors, The Joel McHale Show, and Card Sharks), has made dozens of recurring and guest appearances in other shows, and has done 10 movies (and received top 3 billing in at least half of them).

  4. I'm a PA with curly hair that started the same day as another PA of the same race with curly hair of the same color. Guess what, we got called each other's names for months. You're a PA. The fact that people know your name at all is impressive.

  5. The important thing is that it's a deep betrayal to him. For this to work, you need to setup something he cares about deeply and passionately. Something that she can destroy. It can be a thing. An opportunity. A reputation. The important thing is to have that setup that he cares in order for the payoff of betrayal to work.

  6. If i'm not mistaken Bradd only agreed in doing the movie if they kept the original long title, so there's that.

  7. Not only that, he had it written into his contract that they weren’t allowed to change the title.

  8. All of the movies after the original had a similar name.

  9. The only one here that has a repeat of “of the” is Conquest. I thought they had figured it out because War was initially announced as “War of the Planet of the Apes,” but by the time it was released, they’d changed it to “War for the Planet of the Apes.”

  10. I think this was a joke. His in-person shows are usually recorded, or "on camera" as well, no?

  11. Not usually. He records specials occasionally but outside of the Daily Show, he’s a full time stand-up comedian, doing hundreds of shows a year. Only a handful are recorded.

  12. Nope and they didn’t give a reason so I hope he gets a crazy send off.

  13. He’s an 82-year old Oscar winning actor. He probably just does what he wants and isn’t interested in doing one project for too long.

  14. He might have a condition which makes it extra dangerous to be around people still (on top of being 82).

  15. IIRC from interviews around season 2’s release, it was actually the opposite. He fought to return in-person full time but McElhenney refused, citing his age and not wanting to be responsible for killing him. Abraham was upset about being treated like that due to his age.

  16. I beLieve this is JUST SPAIN. Not anything else. I assume it’s earlier at sound stage.

  17. Yeah, that would make more sense. Condal said most of the second season is mapped out. I imagine they probably want to start production late 2022 and aim for a late 2023 release. This show has a much faster turnaround than Rings of Power, they only wrapped season 1 in February.

  18. I wouldn’t say right around the corner. If it’s gonna be on an N3 process, I’d say Spring 2023 is the earliest. There was a year between M1 and M1 Max.

  19. I’m honestly shocked and disappointed at how buggy Apple’s software has gotten. Not saying it was perfect before, but I’ve been using Apple products for nearly 20 years. Over that time, I’ve definitely noticed a steady decline in quality.

  20. People seem to forget that Apple has had a history of releasing incomplete, buggy software. The original version of Mac OS X was so bad that they released a major update (10.1) just a few months later and had to make it a free upgrade (back when that was a costly loss since software was distributed in box sets).

  21. To be clear, the refresh rate upgrade was never really for video content consumption. Most films/videos are either 24 or 30 fps, so the only advantage of 120Hz is that it is evenly divisible by 24. It’s mainly for UI and scrolling content.

  22. It's not common, in fact I've never heard of it being done except in case of disaster. I'd highly recommend tailoring your courses to what will actually fit on your schedule, which would likely involve dropping the minor at least.

  23. Scrubs only had 8 seasons. You will never convince me otherwise

  24. For what it’s worth, the show’s creator agrees with you. The episodes after 8 were supposed to be a spin-off called “Scrubs: Med School” (and are still titled such in the opening credits). It was only called season 9 for marketing reasons.

  25. Sigma and incel are not mutually exclusive. Most men who identify themselves as sigma are also incels

  26. I may be wrong, but isn’t part of the “Sigma grindset” to reject and not be interested in women? Kinda like the sour grapes metaphor: “it’s not involuntary if I never wanted it!”

  27. By many accounts a lot of money went into infrastructure - upgrading studios, upgrading roads so remote locations could handle the number of trucks etc. The spending on assets is an obvious one, but I don't think people realize how much those things cost.

  28. Wow, so they spent hundreds of millions of dollars to build local infrastructure, paid higher than normal prices due to its remoteness, with the justification that it would set ground work for future seasons, and then... decided to move filming for all remaining seasons to the UK? Any insight as to why they made this decision?

  29. He just got sentenced to life in prison now. Two years ago is when the crime was committed/first reported on. So the meme is fresh, thank the lord.

  30. Is Christopher Masterson available? He still has the Scientology weirdness but haven’t seen any other allegations against him. Plus they look similar enough that few would notice after 20 years.

  31. Rounded edges are indeed better but the Xs looks better on the back IMO. Such an elegant design, and it was the last from Jony Ive.

  32. The triangular arrangement was actually Ive's idea. The book After Steve by Tripp Mickle goes into detail about it. Originally the designers had them vertically arranged, like the XS, and Ive returned and had them change it to the triangle.

  33. What if season 8 was what he had in mind only to see the negative reaction, so he has to start all over.

  34. That's exactly what happened. Season 8 might have had poor execution, but apparently the story beats were directly from Martin.

  35. im looking at the comparison picture that pops up on google and honestly, they just look british to me lol

  36. TIL that Olivia Cooke is British. It makes sense in hindsight that she's using her real voice for the show, but she's played an American in every single film I've seen her in (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, Thoroughbreds, Ready Player One, Sound of Metal).

  37. Good to know. I haven't heard any clips of her real accent but it seems like RP makes the most sense for the character.

  38. This is crazy if true, but I'm gonna wait for another, more reputable source to report on it first. This article has a number of errors: it claims the "fourth and final season" has already been shot when 1. it hasn't been confirmed that season 4 is the end and 2. we know that it only started production a little while ago and certainly hasn't wrapped yet.

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