1. Thanks for looking into it so much, I’m gonna copy and paste this in my notes lol.

  2. The budget will be around which GPU would u pick up nowadays, GPU = 50% of the whole build. For example, u will pick the 3070Ti (AKA ~=$700-750 USD) so that means ur budget for the whole build would be around $1500. That's not included the monitor , keyboard and mouse.

  3. Yeah I was thinking $1200-1500. Ik that’s before the other things. I’m buying the parts over time once I know which parts I want.

  4. If you want a video, you can watch this video (it's 1 hour 42 minutes XD):

  5. But if there spreading its a good sign as in its probably a rash

  6. Yeah it’s just concerning my doctor didn’t have a answer he just said it’s probably a benign skin condition.

  7. Well the thing is there’s amelanotic melanoma and it looks a lot like mine. The example was found and a girls leg and is described as scar like pink or red spots. It’s just making me worry

  8. No it’s not itchy or painful. I don’t think I’ve had any other symptoms but it’s hard to say cause it’s been so long.

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