1. This man even tried to help dude catch a box that was falling lol after he stuck a gun in his neck. This driver is a good guy I'm glad he's ok

  2. He is absolutely not finished before dark. Slap whoever told you that. I know because I tried UPS. We were getting back after dark before peak season. And they work 6 days a week.

  3. Switched to fed ex ground. Average around 100-120 stops. Get paid by the day(190 a day) Usually finish my route in 3 hours. Work around 20 hours a week 5 days a week. About 25 hours if i decide i want to work 6 days that week . No rescues. Its beautiful. But it all depends on your route and your contractor. I got blessed

  4. Except often times the houses are NOT close together. Sometimes several hundred feet away...sometimes kitty-corner on a busy intersection.

  5. Tbh I don't even carry dog treats because of people and dogs like this. Both the dog and the owner expected Fedex guy to toss out a treat. If couriers would stop giving dogs treats maybe we would see less dogs and people like this.

  6. The werks! Subterranean House Band! Ekoostik hookah! And of course the other classics of George Clinton , ohio players , zapp- Dayton,Ohio is the home of funk!

  7. It doesn't even matter about any of the bs...I used to work for Amazon. Been with express for the past year. Amazon is a paycheck... at best. Express is a career. Please do it bro. You won't regret it

  8. That's insane to just drop you like that If you weren't brought on at peak season. Crazy man.

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