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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. I heard priests on both sides were riling up their congregations to fight eachother.

  2. I imagine that was just rogue priests. I doubt the higher ups in both the Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches would be encouraging them to fight.

  3. I can believe a lot, not saying I agree or stand behind any particular thing but I can believe any group of people with enough power can try and pull something off to stay in power. In all corners of the earth at any point in time. But what do I know?

  4. It took me 10 watches to realize someone else comes from off screen to the left and shoots 2nd guy.

  5. The second guy who got shot is fucked either way, it looks like the shot was right in the middle of his upper back so he’s at least paralyzed from the neck down if he survives.

  6. Yeah, your right man. Dude got his buddy in a wheelchair and maybe killed other guy, maybe not. Maybe two dead.

  7. in my mind, im taking it as if there was no connection to the eastern hemisphere and the americas would develop at the same rate from scratch. i would imagine the mayans to be similar to ancient mesopotamia while the mexica/aztecs closer to ancient egypt. this means we might need to project into the future but just taking guesses. if theres a clearer comparison based on technology, writing, or something else im open to that as well.

  8. Was just thinking how technology and trade would influence developements and locations for a society. There is often quite a lot of unrest and mostly violent interactions between different groups of people when trying to unite the members of your ‘country’ or establishing a new leader. You could draw examples from every corner of the world at different eras about people asserting their will (for lack of a better term)on others.

  9. I do love some tropical desserts, chocolate is the best

  10. In Ireland, loyalist to King William (1690) had irish people moved out to the hills and countryside. They were called Hill Billies (william). Name stuck when heavy migration to the states.

  11. How is this legal? Arent we in the middle of trying to lessen the NFL due to concussions and big hits and protecting their heads and we just are letting people smack eachother in the head with no safety or ability to protect themselves. Just plain ole stupid. And they have sponsors and shit.

  12. If you have clear video evidence like this, you should be able to smack that person right across the face for being stupid and wasting your time. Maybe they will learn a lesson.

  13. Driving I-75 across the Everglades for miles and then seeing the wall of civilization (all of a sudden there’s power lines and buildings) makes you think there shouldn’t be so many people down there…

  14. You need to find Oklahoma a home? Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains? Good job working on that one.

  15. Imagine the things the father did to people not in his family. It may make people want to take revenge on him, or his other kids, maybe even death.

  16. Red cuts up Mississippi and simultaniously launches attacks into the Great Lakes. They set up a staunch defense along the whole Appalachian Trail, defending from the heights and protecting the commerical and agricultural regions of the Red eastern border.

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