1. I'm already @ 30,%. If i stop the meds, then my BP would go way up. With meds, my BP is lowered BUT I still have high BP, the meds are a Band-Aid. Same with ischemic heart disease ...stents and by-pass don't negate the fact you have heart disease...same with diabetes. Some recent studies show some of the common meds for HBO, coronary heart disease and diabetes are showing some negative effects.

  2. If you are at 30% for hbp when most vets get 0% then what is the issue you are having?

  3. I exceeded expectations on the performance review...I asked what I can do but got a vague answer. I'm not a confrontational person so I didn't push the issue or brought it up ever since.

  4. Sounds like you possibly work for someone who is on a power trip. The federal govt is filled with supervisors and managers that have the God complex. I removed three from under me with this complex issue because it does not fly with me. Everything within the federal govt is scripted. If you exceeded expectations there should be no reason why you can not be elevated to the next higher level or grade within your job.

  5. I do have an appeal but it was just filed in July of last year. I’m at the step where I have to wait for it to go to the judge. But when I was in the part where I could submit evidence, I did and sent it to DC. The VA opened up supplemental claims on my behalf in October. So I don’t know if someone would be calling me about the appeal or the supplemental claims

  6. It’s possible for your appeals. Your status may say it is waiting to be sent to a judge but your appeal doesn’t just sit there waiting. It has to be worked up before going to the judge. Did you try calling the number back? Try calling the 800 # to see if someone within VA attempted to make contact with you. They are suppose to annotate whenever they do make contact or attempt to.

  7. On hold with the 800 number now. I figured I wouldn’t hear anything about my appeal for years the way everyone talks about them Lol so I’m very curious as to what they called me for

  8. If the post is not in regards to a AMA appeal but legacy instead pay it no mind. Legacy claims are the majority of appeals here in this sub and the ones that have taken many years to decide. The AMA appeals are starting to gain some steam now that the legacy appeals are dwindling down.

  9. I have never known or heard of that. I called once to get a letter sent to me because I needed it… there are not any letters there for me other than benefit letters

  10. Yea I can’t get .gov right now but hopefully someone else will chime in and let you know where to find your letter online.

  11. I have two appeals. One is a legacy appeal from 2018. Both said this exact same thing for years. It wasn't until I got my advanced on the docket back in November that I saw some progress. One appeal was just decided last week, and the legacy appeal is currently with the judge now. Hopefully I hear something this week or next for that one. Good thing is contrary to popular belief, and ebenefits DO update on weekends and when the board made a decision I recieved both a text and an email informing me of just that. Once you get that you can call the VA and they'll email you the decision letter right then and there (I got mine emailed to me before I even hung up with them). Good luck.

  12. When did you apply for a motion to advance on the docket and how long did it take for the board to respond to it?

  13. Motion to advance was submitted Sept 27, 2022, and motion was granted Nov. 22, 2022.

  14. There was a post in this sub yesterday that there would be scheduled outages today… that post Also listed the dates past today for scheduled outages

  15. If you strongly feel your conditions have worsen just put in for an increase. Just be able to show evidence of a worsening state since your last rating to support your claims.

  16. I would say it honestly varies there has been a lot of them not calling to schedule apts or literally doctors not showing up the only thing I can think of being excessive would be me having to ask over and over again about consults because I keep getting told they’re in then don’t hear shit from anyone, I’d rather have it written down so I can refer back if I can remember then them telling me verbally and forgetting before the call is over, I have been going to the patient advocate more lately as they clearly don’t understand dental eligibility (other than 100%) but the patient advocate basically told me if it is helping me then they can fuck off, but it’s just wild I feel like I actually start advocating for myself and get told to get fucked

  17. Take the letter back to the patient advocate. The messages you send become apart of your file and apparently it may be your care team is catching some hell from someone above them in regard to the fact they keep getting messages from you about the same thing.

  18. I only just found out about the commissary option. Does it cover the px/bx too?

  19. I’m currently awaiting my percentage for medical sep/ret, but from what the attorney estimates, I’ll be receiving 30% army side and 90% VA side. Which qualifies me for medical retirement. Retirement would mean I won’t receive a severance but if I do, don’t do anything with it as it will be taken back.

  20. The only thing you will get is VA pay since it is the higher of the two, pay wise. But of course you will get tricare and commissary privileges, which all vets do now, that’s it from the army.

  21. I have always found it easier to go a VA hospital medical records section, fill out my form, and get the documents I need right then and there.

  22. Yes. Just indicate what you want on the form, present your id and they will print it off and off you go. I have had people at the front desk at the clinic pull some stuff up as well and print it for me.

  23. And yet there will still be a million and one post about someone not being able to log in.

  24. No, however if those benefits land in a bank account, they can grab the money in the account.

  25. It updated because you submitted and electronic 5103 notice to your claim saying you have no other evidence to submit. It will continue to sit there unfortunately until it’s completely worked up and ready for a rater.

  26. It's hit and miss. Just like getting food-- some times, it's on point, and sometimes it sucks. But dependent claims still go to the national que. I don't live near Florida, but mine was canceled by someone working out of st. Petersburg, FL.

  27. The dreaded St. Petersburg office. I can’t seem to find anything they do correctly down there.

  28. It's all sent to the national queue. It may also have to do with the PACT Act stuff being pushed hard now

  29. It is just hard to believe it’s sent to the national work que when several vets in this same sub have filed recently and well after OP and many others have posted they got their dependents added the same day or within the week after filing. To me if it went to the que then they should still be waiting. There are several post, with uploaded pics as proof, in this sub about this same thing.

  30. NAF= Non appropriated funds, when the money runs out so does the job unless it is continued to be appropriated/funded

  31. She just typed most of the time and I had to explain to her how my high cholesterol relates to my PTSD.

  32. If they want another C&P from you will they make you do it even after pressing the button?

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