1. I have no idea what this is but just wanna say that name is just a little sus

  2. I still remember the day my yellow maverick broke, worst day of my life fr

  3. I always wanted to get my hands on one of those, but last I looked they were super expensive...

  4. I got one for 50$ like 6 years ago on eBay, threw some random battery and motors in it and did a full rewire and it still runs to this day (with mild overheating issues)

  5. AoT isn't even sci-fi at all, its post-apocalyptic.

  6. God Eater takes place in one of the last cities on earth and is more sci-fi than AOT.

  7. That show is underrated af, I think many people may have dropped it for the CG used in it, but I personally really enjoyed it.

  8. Yup, I know exactly which one you’re talking about. Then there’s also the one that ended with a pretty unequivocal ending and then the editors suggested an “After Story” which put things on their head again

  9. Swedish Defense industry is based, Fuck You, but SAAB is down there because of Grippen fanboys. Hence, Overrated.

  10. When the fanboys are worse than the company, also who even simps for the grippen? The viggen is way cooler, twice the number of doritos.

  11. Is it okay to kill a human humanely without pain? Honest question.

  12. We dont need to kill other humans in order to survive. Also we do kill humans in a controlled environment (death penalty), and I believe if they've had a proper trial then yes, because it's a necessity for society.

  13. Red states won’t be able to afford to maintain the interstate Highway system so it will be a crumbling apocalyptic ruin anyway

  14. Have you considered food production, a pretty big percent of the US"s farms are in the red states......

  15. West Virginia is a pretty nice place, driving through the hills hits different fr, also all my other options of places to compliment are terrible.

  16. Not after the last Gun Meme Review. ChatGPT (allegedy) wrote a banger of a Dr. Suess Poem

  17. For me, ordinal scale moves up and fairy dance moves down, I would objectively say that aincrad also should be moved down a tier but personally I am blinded by nostalgia so it would stay there.

  18. The gerrymandering is definitely a big problem but even just in majority vote numbers we're still leaning right.

  19. A lot of areas that were formally very Democratic, largely union areas are starting to lean more toward right wing populism as their industries fall into decline. A lot of this is ultimately about major structural shifts in the economy. For example, the Youngstown-Warren area was firmly in Obama’s camp in 2012 (63% Obama vs 35% Romney in Mahoning Co) and the urban core voted for Ryan too recently too. But in 2020 those areas were slightly in favor of Trump, a massive shift in just a few years.

  20. Well it also doesnt help that politics have become so polarized, Obama was a guy who could draw in some support from both sides, but it seems like neither Tim Ryan or Vance could bring people in from the other side.

  21. I mean if you're just naked that's illegal, but no one cares if you're under dressed unless you're walking into a kindergarten or something

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