Americans and their Firearms collections

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  1. No. Anyone that does is insane or stupid.

  2. People who say they would fail to realize that they can get everything in real life that they can in a video game like SAO.

  3. "begging" i mean if you consider my ar-15 "begging" than idk

  4. You're right, it isn't terrifying: it's fucking horrifying. Horrifying to think anyone believes they need this obscene amount of weaponry to protect themselves, horrifying to remember the devastation that loose gun laws have brought into American schools (and beyond), horrifying to think there are individuals who are this overly gunned-up without proper training, without stable mental health, with such a fear of their neighbours, and that there are people who believe they are worthy of deciding whether another person lives or dies. FUCK this. The rest of the world looks at America with shame because of shit like this. Unregulated, unlicensed firearm possession and use is a massively terrifying problem. Whether or not the people in this photo acquired their weapons legally is irrelevant as it just perpetuates the problem as these photos provided no context. Grand Theft Auto is a parody of the American culture and shit like this just reminds us that comedy and art reflects truth more closely than we think.

  5. This is called collecting, they likely use almost none of their guns. Having 60 guns doesnt make you more dangerous than having 2. Where are you getting that guns in America are "unregulated"??? Is it the mandatory background checks before buying the guns? Or the serial numbers on every gun so that they can be kept track of? Or the restrictions on what guns are legal to have and where, maybe the magazine restrictions, or even the training and licence required to carry in many states? As to the rest of the world looking to America with shame, firstly, its untrue, secondly even if it is true why should I care? A bunch of people who have given up their freedom for security cant judge those who wish to keep their freedom. And if the government wants to take our guns, I say come and take them.

  6. I think you are misunderstanding how our gun registry system works, the only guns that are required to be registered are machine guns and large caliber weapons (think muzzle load cannon, breach loaded cannons are illegal to own). Large scale gun registration by the government is actually illegal so even if you wanted to register your gun you couldn't (unless you live in California, Hawaii, Maryland or New York). Commenting on what you said I excluded, if my neighbor loses it and decides that they want to go out and kill people, not having a gun is not going to stop them. They can easily gain access to a car, a knife, or even just something like a bat. If you do look down on us Americans, then ok I am wrong, however I hope you understand that it's no sweat off my brow whether or not you look down on me/my country.

  7. there lived a certain man in austria long ago

  8. Bro dodged a shell from a BL 16-inch Mark I British naval gun from the Nelson-class battleships

  9. Easy to dodge, just be where they were aiming at those shells were ass 💀

  10. Kekkai Sensen, one of my favorite shows of all time and fits your definition exactly.

  11. Hell yeah, I really feel like we've been pulling back some of our manufacturing jobs.

  12. 5 or 6 times, but over the course of about 5 years so I dont feel too bad about it lol.

  13. I am from Ohio, if you launch an operation we will send reinforcements. Down with Michigan.

  14. I think the real answer here is that the nervegear is a plot device used to explain why they are trapped in the game, where other shows might just go "you are now in the game" SAO at least attempts to explain why they are there. There are other easier ways they probably could have taken the headsets off in reality, but this isn't reality.

  15. Generally those "easier ways" rely on the person bringing them up missing something important about how the whole thing works.

  16. I absolutely agree with that, almost nothing sci-fi is 100% foolproof and this a really solid way of creating the rules for the world while leaving just enough mystery so that there is no obvious way to foil it either.

  17. I'd say it's questionable that they're worth it for someone that is a SAO fan.

  18. I got Fatal Bullet for 5$ (it goes on sale all the time on steam) and it was really good, but I think it would fall flat for someone who didnt know the franchise very well.

  19. The game was inspired by Appleseed manga and video games Destiny and Ghost Recon. The setting is after non-nuclear WWIII and the player is a member of Armed Forces of Federal Republic of Australia fighting enemies accros the globe. What do you think?

  20. It sounds cool and a campaign based vr shooter would be fairly unique. How are you planning on making it?

  21. After the last school shooting I am not sure why we just keep making it easier. I don't know how anyone can stomach this. I have lived 40+ years in Ohio not one time have I carried a gun on me. I hike, camp all that stuff guess what still no gun required.

  22. The thing is, the people who will commit the crimes dont care if it's against the law to carry without permit. If they are going to rob/shoot someone they know very well they are breaking the law and aren't just gonna think "oh well I cant concealed carry this gun so I'm not gonna go shoot that person" Gun laws short of making all guns illegal is simply not going to work. And even that wont stop gun violence, think of japan, totally disarmed, except of course the violent gangs who imported guns and used them to do whatever they wanted. That said, I think this is still a bad idea as I think it will likely cause more negligent gun injuries due to people not having any idea how to properly handle their firearms. Training is important.

  23. But if they are caught on something else, it's an additional violation to hold them on and keep them off the streets.

  24. The government has no shortage of BS to hold someone on when they want to throw the book at someone they dont like, that's how you have people in jail for 12 years on a resisting arrest charge but a child molester gets 32 months. When you think about it we have a messed up justice system.

  25. I had my brightness turned all the way down so I thought he was facing away, I got jumpscared when I saw the eyes.

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