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  1. Black babies aren’t that black in the womb melanin comes from sun exposure 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  2. Redditers really love to oust themselves as weirdos and borderline pedos

  3. Reddiers have absolutely 0 grasp on what a joke is but since none of you ever lave your (mom’s) houses that’s not a silense

  4. can someone translate or do a TLDR of whats its written? Is it the usual boring repetitive cartel bull shit of ''motherfuckers dont deal with normal citizens we are for the people hahaha look we kill oyu all be cautious!!'' or is it something interesting?

  5. I skimmed it and yeah basically this dude scammed someone bla bla we’re for the people

  6. Is there any affect on reliability or how it handles different types of ammo?

  7. Redditers when any white person embraces their culture 😱😱😱 (they’re gonna go cry and say white people have no culture now)

  8. You could go ported. I had magnaport do my XL slide/barrel with their autoport service for 165 turn around in a week. shoots great

  9. How much does that really help in comparison to a 3.1 inch barrel and integral comp?

  10. I’d venture to say much better. The integrated comp that sig uses is not the most efficient and generally performs worse than most any threaded comp.

  11. So you’re saying an XL with ports will fair better than a specter with its 3.1 inch barrel and integrated comp? Have you shot a specter?

  12. If you’ve already got the xl. Keep it and just buy a macro. Only difference between a macro and a spectre comp is the grip size and the slide ports. Grip size is negligible for you since you’ve got the wc grip mod now. They both feel very similar to me.

  13. Also if you already own an XL you only need the short barell as it uses the XL guide rod

  14. Good to know, kinda considering it since if you’re gonna have such a small gun may as well try and dampen the recoil as much as possible. In the future though since I just bought a TLR7 and the WC weighted frame

  15. Man really said fuck around and find out those knees to the head were PERSONAL

  16. There’s literally no reason to get an aftermarket barrel unless you’re trying to run a suppressor or comp don’t waste your money but if you are trying to use the treads True Precision seems like the most popular

  17. FN isn’t really luxury but Sig is probably in between of Toyota Corolla and Rolls Royce since their guns like the 365XL cost a little more than Glocks but have some niece features like all being optics ready out of the box and having nice 3 dot night sights

  18. Grip angle on Glocks isn’t bad it’s meant to be aggressive to control recoil, all stock grip textures are shit except for the Gucci race gun versions. How are ergonomics bad it’s a pistol, sights are shit once against most stock sights are shit that’s why they’re replaceable, all striker fired triggers are shit. Glocks have low recoil due to to their low bore axis, extremely reliable, cheap and and accessible mags, come in a variety of calibers, light weight, decently priced etc etc all pistols in their price range have some kind of issues like the 320 that has better sights but feels like dogshit and the bore axis is higher than most hammer fired guns despite being striker fired I have 320 (buyer’s remorse) and a 365XL I absolutely love and don’t own a Glock but you can’t deny they just do what they have to

  19. He would have been over long before she would die from injuries.

  20. You clearly don’t understand just how brutal buckshot is at close distance not to be graphic but there’s tons of videos of it literally blowing peoples entire heads off

  21. I been using Tenicor and they are having a BLEM sale.

  22. Got mine for 135 from TRex arms with the holster setup even LGS are selling them at 179 so I figured screw it Ill need the holster anyways. 135 is probably rhe best price youll find if you can get free shipping.

  23. I’ve heard a lot of good about their holsters, so they leave a gap with the trigger guard using the TLR7?

  24. I’ve heard a lot of good about their holsters, so they leave a gap with the trigger guard using the TLR7?

  25. Yea, all my 365 mags are stamped “MADE IN USA”

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