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  1. If you have a 401k, borrow against it. I believe loans are available through whoever you have your 401k with.

  2. Only matters when you gotta cash out. Now is the best time to be contributing to 401k if you have years left to work... I made a killing when the market crashed in 08 by not pulling out.

  3. Bulk of mine is locked in a stable fund with new contributions still going to Vanguard plan. When the time is right, I’ll transfer from stable fund to buy the dip in Vanguard.

  4. Kinder-Prep in Los Altos is amazing. Live in Cupertino but decided here was best. Small class and really amazing teachers.

  5. Ape, that’s supposed to be good luck! Although I suspect it’s something that someone who got pooped on would say

  6. Big pump before the rug pull that is Evergrande going BOOM tomorrow.

  7. My retirement is about to bleed the rest of the way out, and there is nothing I can do about it short of quitting my job and taking the withdrawal penalty. I laugh when people tell me my GME investments are risky. I'm hedging against the market collapse, while worse case I lose everything on top of everything else.

  8. See if you can move your holdings to a “Stable Fund”… basically cash and then BTD when the markets bottom out

  9. It’s a bit pricey but we try to go once a year as there’s a private beach, nightly bonfires, each room has its own patio facing the ocean and an on-site restaurant. Very serene and no cars but you can still get food delivered:

  10. It's like the other ape said months ago, they created a bomb (shorts) and the bomb will go off eventually. But they hope the bomb gets bored and walk's away! Never gonna happen, shorts go boom. This time they outsmarted themselves and thought that they get away with it like every time but underestimated the will the endurance and the frustration of all the people they have ripped off through the years. Now the time has come for the bomb to strip them from everything they unlawfully stole and lay that corrupt and rotten system to rest once and for all.

  11. Arrogance. This is what they embody along with massive amounts of greed. It will be their downfall.

  12. Oh look! 7.7 Billion Buy orders routed to the Dark Pools!

  13. Always the last off the ice… bless him. I think he honestly enjoys being on the ice practicing.

  14. I didn’t say anything other than dropping a link. Not sure why you come out of the gate so hot

  15. I’m rooting for the roof… the only way for there to be any winners is if the roof caved in j/k

  16. No because I’m busy feeling dirty for rooting for the Kings

  17. You see, I’m not rooting FOR the Kings. I’m rooting AGAINST the Oilers… I feel less dirty that way

  18. Question: can someone explain how CPI was previously calculated and the difference to how it’s calculated now? I’m curious to what they cut out now that was included before.

  19. CPI is a weighted index, so they divide goods into categories (food, transportation, etc.) and assign each category a weight. These weight values determine the influence that each category has on the final CPI value.

  20. Sounds like a fake squeeze is coming… “ride the rocket but set a stop loss” lol

  21. Would you rather risk waiting and get a discount. Or risk waiting and have it run and you get less shares. For a value stock entrance is much less important than exit IMO. My mindset is if you have the cash get in the door ASAP

  22. I was in this predicament a couple of weeks ago and decided to just leg in… drops, I buy 10. If it drops more, I’ll buy another 10. I kind of abandoned the idea as I started to increase in bigger quantities and finally last week said “Fuck it, I’ll buy now and if it drops sub-$100 I’ll scrounge some more money and buy then also”. Ultimately picked up a total of 61 more shares. DRS’d those a couple days ago.

  23. Thanks Ape, good to know since I have some shares stuck with Fidelity HSA that I can’t DRS without selling them first and taking a huge penalty.

  24. Take a look at Associated’s site. There you can get the specs, spare parts, manual, etc.

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