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  1. I saw that Colbert show. Jerry said something to the effect of Cosby’s crimes didn’t lessen his respect for his comedy. After a commercial break, he backtracked. I’m sure his PR person talked to him then.

  2. If someone had told me "Your morning needs to start with Seinfeld characters done in the Pizzacakecomic style" I would have said "nah, I'm good."

  3. He saw her in Central Park and went up to know, not creepy at all

  4. Well I made it so I can guarantee you there isn't any manipulation:)

  5. I'm a pretty vanilla person myself and yeah, as of late, the Instagram suggestions are weird/creepy as fuuuuuuuuuuck.

  6. I had started my insta 13 years ago and started actually using it when I posted my comics. I've only viewed other comic artists and cat videos and I still get the weirdest video suggestions

  7. I don't have a Twitter so it's definitely not me. That's the faker (please don't click that link that the fake twitter user shared, it's a horrifying video)

  8. it might be smart to make a twitter just to avoid this, you don't even have to use it

  9. Your facial expression art is getting really good.

  10. You can just move on instead of being rude. Supporting an artist to keep seeing their work is not "begging for money"

  11. Thats a really bad quality fish tank, i think you should do some more research on how to improve the quality, some big red flags you have in there include, the bright pink rocks, lack of living plants, no shade, and substrate. Please consider this and don’t be a bad fish owner! (Sorry for english)

  12. There's literally two shady spots for them (2 houses) What's wrong with pink rocks and fake plants? We just got everything at the pet store so I assumed it was suitable

  13. Ngl I wasn't a fan at first, but now I always smile when one of your comics is on my feed. They keep getting funnier and funnier

  14. Green fish must not mind the looming horror as much

  15. Thank you for being one of the reasons I'm slowly abandoning Reddit. No matter how much I filter you and the subs that simp for you, your terrible comics always finds a way through.

  16. You literally went to my profile to post this. You could have blocked me. I think you just enjoy being a miserable loser :)

  17. You are my favorite regular poster to sort by controversial. So much anger from comments lol.

  18. Lmao there's a sub to complain about unsubbing from different subs?! That's amazing


  20. I am actually a cereal killer who got caught.

  21. What I didn't even know that was a flavour in captain crunch!

  22. Thank you Pizzacakecomic if there weren't any pillows that said "live laugh kill" or "I love murder" I would have never gotten that he was indeed a serial killer

  23. Missed a few things on the football guys. Cufflinks, tie pins, pocket squares, watches, lapel pins, and any other accessory you can buy in the check out line.

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