1. I’m 64/F. I got into the single life at 57, when I finally gave my husband of 30 years the boot. (The marriage was a combination of my being conditioned to be a “good wife” and his having a plethora of psychiatric dysfunctional issues that he had no desire to address.)

  2. I could be you, other than not being on dating sites, I crave intimacy ( not always about the sex) but it’s just so bloody hard to meet someone, I don’t drink or smoke anymore but don’t really care if anyone else does, I am told that I am a pretty cursie person, I am financially stable but work . I find myself isolating myself from people sometimes and need to actually push myself to going out anywhere. Just going to get out there a little more often and hopefully find some good people

  3. I find myself isolating myself too. But in my case it’s necessary as I see (as well as head and smell) way too much in my job, which can get extremely intense.

  4. I live in a subtropical climate, but we had a cold snap earlier this month that had me digging out this sweater that my mother knit for me when I was back in college around 1979-80. This sweater is older than a lot of my coworkers. And what’s great is that it still fits!

  5. That's a terrific sweater! And I love unwrapping presents, the anticipation is the best part! That's a wonderful new tradition.

  6. Thank you, PoP! The anticipation is fun, as is the laughter. Gotta have laughter!

  7. You don't know either of these women well enough yet to know who you want to be with. You've never even met Woman #2 in person yet. Someone could seem like a great match online but then you could meet in person and there could be zero chemistry. And three months is a long time from now. Woman #2 could change her mind about the move. She could be dating other people. You just never know. It feels like you are putting the cart before the horse.

  8. This is a very sensible and practical approach, especially since there’s been no face-to-face with #2. From my own personal experience, not even phone calls are accurate indicators of connection.

  9. While I do not have many friends where I live, my bestie is a guy who lives a few states over. And actually, most of my best friends have been guys. Before I moved my best friend was my next door neighbor. In fact, his wife would often send him over to my house whenever he got underfoot.

  10. "Oh, I have to stop here every time because I can never remember if we have mustard, haha."

  11. I’m a fan of the “royal we” and use it quite often, even though it’s just me and the dogs and cat.

  12. Tom Ford really has a fragrance called Fucking Fabulous?! Are you familiar with it?

  13. No, I’m not. You have me curious! I’m going to have to check it out!

  14. I love patchouli! I’ve loved it since college hippie days.

  15. Every winter I order a new fine fragrance from Dillard’s. (Gotta keep my Dillard’s card active, ya know. 😹😹😹)

  16. Thank you so much. I'm going to explore all of these. I know I like Coco Chanel. The Omnia ingredients sound just like what I'm looking for.

  17. I’ve been reading Lucinda Hutson’s ¡Viva Tequila! What a dangerous book! As a result, it looks like I’ve gotten myself a new expensive hobby. 😹😹😹

  18. Dang, Seamripper, the more I read your comments the more badass you get! A woman who's not afraid to flaunt her badassery gets major respect from me!

  19. I hope you get to see it. It’s totally hysterical and very much not politically correct.

  20. The meme is actually from a parody/satire page in Facebook.

  21. I just feel like his conflict resolution style, where he gives me the cold shoulder, is a big problem. My mother had that kind of style.

  22. That’s also what the ex did. It is not conflict resolution at all, but a tool used by narcissists to punish their targets. The silent treatment is only the bare start of a very rough road ahead.

  23. I had a friend who was constantly complaining about weirdos hitting on her on LinkedIn.

  24. Sorry, I'm not a native English speaker. How do you pronounce "rope" or "hope"? Writing it in Lithuanian letters it is "roup," "houp". Or at least that is how I hear native speakers pronouncing these words and letter "o" in them.

  25. That’s ok. I’m afraid I cannot help you, not knowing what your native language is.

  26. Lots of scammers and fakes everywhere that range from widowed engineers, to “medical doctors” with a bachelors or masters degree, to military generals, etc. I’ve also come across a very metrosexual looking lumberjack claiming to hail from a semitropical area that has no lumber industry. (Some of the scammers are SO entertaining in their blatant ignorance of the area they claim to be from. And another huge hint that the profile is fake is when they claim to be “god fearing.”

  27. I'm npt the OP, but I tried over 50 Meetup groups in my city since moving here over 16 years ago and never got even one friend out of it. (I attended some of those groups for several years before giving up).

  28. I joined an over fifty MeetUp when I moved to the huge metropolis from a much, much smaller city, and attended a few events. The events were ok, but they really weren’t my cup of tea, as they were in noisy areas where it was tough to have a conversation. Also, people were already in their own established cliques. After I moved to the suburbs outside the big city, I stopped going to events because I really did not feel like having to deal with a one-hour drive.

  29. In January 2008 I accepted a job at a group home at the May Institute in Massachusetts. During the orientation, I met two women who were from JREC. They confirmed that shocking was going on. A lot of the employees did not want to be administering the shocks, but they were under constant surveillance and at risk of losing their jobs. Many, like those two women, left their jobs because they could not deal with the needless torture that was constantly going on.

  30. “You’re nice but too fat,” said the guy with a roof over the tool shed.

  31. About 10 years ago, I reconnected with a guy I went to college with and found out that he had been carrying the torch for me for 3 decades. Of course I was flattered. But the good feelings stopped when I learned that even though he was in a committed relationship, all I had to do was say the word and he’d be on a plane from Vermont to Texas.

  32. I'm a serial dater in my 60s, male, and a number of times I've run into something on this spectrum. Any man our age who dates has probably run into this.

  33. I'm so sorry this happened to you. It's also a very common story for a lot of women. Sticking with the wrong man can be devastating on so many different levels. Also, at least in the US it is very difficult to survive on one income. Real estate prices are insane and rents are outrageous. It takes every penny you earn just to survive.

  34. I’m sorry it happened to me too, but it would have been even more sorry if I had remained and not learned that painful lesson.

  35. I could not understand the widowed ex MIL being in a LAT with her widower boyfriend. But now that I’m much older, I can most definitely understand why. Even though he had a farm and plenty of property to accommodate her, she did not want to abandon a houseful of memories and move to his family compound and live under the scrutiny of the other family members living there.

  36. I was getting a lot of message requests when I first started out. What was funny was that I’ve never seen them comment or post on the sub. So I suspect they could be lurkers on the lookout for fresh meat.

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