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  1. "Filthy Hobbitses! They stole it from us, my Precious!"

  2. Now if they could somehow get the rights to make a Lord of the Rings DLC....that would be my dream.... you could even have the way to load into the dlc where you go and take a nap on the picnic blanket to access the dlc dream.. When you're done, you're woken up by the gardener and right back into the original game

  3. So, what happens? As the Goose, you have to sneak the Ring into Mordor? Sign me up!!

  4. What a cutie! I also have a black cat named Olive :D

  5. Absolutely, I loved Mike acting out his script to what the movie should've been like. And his description of franchise movies as like a McDonald's meal made me chuckle.

  6. "Mike pitches a movie" is my favorite thing! I hope they do it more often.

  7. It helps if you stop expecting life to be fair. Not in a hopeless way, but more like the Optimistic Nihilism video from Kurzgesagt. Highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen.

  8. My self care routine includes staying far the hell away from that channel lol

  9. Hey, I'm new to pokemon in general, can someone please explain the hype for this typing? Why is Normal/Ghost special?

  10. In 25+ years of the franchise, 8 generations of the games, and countless spinoffs, the Normal/Ghost type combo has never been used until now. There are actually a few type combos that have never been used before at all, but that number is going down as time goes on.

  11. I'd love to do both things, in all honesty I wanted to be cousin it. But mom bought some tight skimpy dress for me and is refusing to just let me wear pants underneath. It's so freaking exasperating but Its comforting that people understand and I'm not crazy, nor alone

  12. I say lean into the character hard. Wear the damn dress, but don't be happy about it. Don't smile, just like Wednesday. Just be grumpy. If your mom asks, just say you're getting into character.

  13. How do you get that Switch case that's on the floor next to the rug? :)

  14. Nintendo deeply underplayed just how big this update will be

  15. It was the smart thing to do. We were all pleasantly surprised :D

  16. Isn't that just the neatest?! I love all the little details they put into the game ^_^

  17. The DOOM twitter account is just the coolest! I love that they're keep this alive :D

  18. Honestly if you have a good stock pile of bells using nookazon to get dreamies can be a good/easier deal. I got sick of wasting NMT and not finding the villagers I wanted.

  19. A dreamie is a villager you dream would be in your town.

  20. I only noticed that today ! More crops to come ? Or perhaps fruit ( more fruit to come too ?? ) will be the primary resource for sweets .. ? 🤔

  21. They said there's a sugar cane crop, so that might be it..?

  22. I can't wait to walk around my island in first-person mode :D

  23. I love these posts of people dressing up like their villager. It's such cute fun ^_^

  24. I literally gasped when I saw this! He's perfect! The proportions, the look... everything! It's like he was plucked right out of the game! Great job, I love him! :D

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