1. So glad we have the ocean between our country and Russia. I feel so sorry for the countries that share a land border. What a nightmare.

  2. Paying foreign informants in bitcoin, would be the best way to keep that person alive. No need for face to face transactions or drop off points for money.

  3. You forgot the part about writing blank checks to the military-industrial complex, to replace that spent gear in our warehouses if not send it to Ukraine directly; as well as test our strategy in a real hot war against the Russian adversary without any risk of losing American lives.

  4. That takes money and intelligence. The Russian economy is on fire and men with PhD fled or were killed as grunts on the front line.

  5. I don't think he means 45 in one stretch but 10 minutes 4 times in a day

  6. The phd data analysis who knows how to stop it. But activated as a grunt on the front line:

  7. I work in america. Working five shift Sunday to thursday. Each day is 12.5 hours. 0530am to 6pm. The Healthcare and pay is decent for my family that I don't see.

  8. That’s dope! Happy Birthday 🎉🎂 ~Dogecoin bought my divorce….. then my lawyer, now child support. My wife was not as understanding. Building my Doge back up! If it would just hold at .19 cent’s maybe I could use it to get married again, and have it pay for my divorce once again. At least I didn’t have to tap into my savings!! 😂 having somebody who believes in you, is priceless, awesome cake! And well done on getting a house and a car!! I like hearing happy stories!! Much love DOGEFAM!!

  9. 1.3 million. I sold 8 million doge for a couple thousand like 7 years ago. Wish I never sold back then.

  10. Besides, he totally does not look like a guy that would just adopt a 12 year old

  11. Influences making 20k a month cause they 9 out of ten for sex work. Well that's because they went to college and got a 4 year degree in riding the D.

  12. The Wong in the picture is doing the SpongeBob mocking meme pose, as he speaks

  13. She looked visibly upset and shit prank tbh.

  14. DFW7? My FC is not far from there. Can’t imagine if our site implemented something like this. I can’t work without my bag and don’t trust to leave it out of my sight.

  15. Start using a jacket as a lunch bag. Tie the arms together. Do dumb shit like this until they reverse the ruling.

  16. Mocking a dead civilian who was drafted against his will, nice.

  17. "It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others

  18. I use it for double blood points for solo q. Try to max blood points because it's like 20% survival. I run bond and see other survivors hiding in lockers and crouching in corners all game.

  19. Also it'd only down about 10 or 20 % since August 2021. Most of the damage was June and July after the big top.

  20. When stellerterm changed it to an unlisted asset. I knew that was going to hurt. But it's still on a few other exchanges.

  21. Hey guys look, we finally found the greatest fool.

  22. The fact that something called Dodgelon Mars is supposedly worth 172 million USD tells you everything about crypto you need to know.

  23. Terra classic dogelon Mars sports package rewards program is going to the moon!!!!!!!

  24. Dbd is really missing out. Netflix series. Hour long episode for each unique dbd killer. Ep. Dead hardy.

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