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  1. One theory is thatnit just accelerates the process whereby you naturally go from depression to mania

  2. Propranolol. When I need to control my tremor I take 40-60mg. That's a reasonably high dose so discuss with your GP.

  3. I take all of my 1350mg at night. Less brain fog during the day and better for my kidneys than splitting the dose.

  4. Gastro problems are fairly common, especially on slow release lithium. If they persist talk to your doctor who might put you on immediate release instead. This worked well for my partner.

  5. You'd need to come off it slowly but hopefully you can stay on it with good effect. Just be sure your doc keeps regular check on your thyroid, kidneys and lithium blood level.

  6. Why do you say I have to come off it slowly? Are there withdrawals? Researching online turns up a lot of conflicting info.

  7. If you have been on a higher dose for a while, reducing your dose too quickly can cause a manic episode (in some people).

  8. Well it is pretty weird for an adult to drink milk let alone the milk of another species

  9. Mine likes raw minced 'roo meat from the butcher. $6.50 a kilo and about 100g a day, along with a biscuits for him to snack on.

  10. Make sure this is preservative free. Meat preservatives are very dangerous to cats.

  11. I took metformin with olanzapine and it did not help me lose any weight at all

  12. Try green grocers. You can sometimes get then for around $1.59 especially the dufferent sized ones that the supermarkets reject.

  13. Geodon made me depressed and tired. Also psychotic but i understand I'm a weirdo in that aspect. Ended up with three involuntary holds in two months.

  14. I haven't talked to him yet, I'm just researching options to discuss. Have already exhausted a few antipsychs

  15. Maybe you're watching porn because you are becomic manic rather than the other way around.

  16. i was. but it was absolute shit and i couldn’t handle how drugged it made me so i stopped

  17. Yeah I was like that on the XR. I had to stop taking it. I was hoping the IR would be less sedating the next day while still being effective.

  18. Lantern by Nu.. u won’t be disappointed!

  19. I have never paid more than $45 gap for a psychiatrist (I am on a low income healthcare card, otherwise my gap would be $60). Go to ratemds.com and find someone you like and ring up to get a quote.

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