1. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I was really disappointed in the placidusax fight. The only decent one imo is fortissax

  2. My guess is their mysterious, minimalistic marketing of their games. All we had to go off of for about a year was one cinematic trailer. Up to that point, FromSoftware was and still is known to deliver extremely high-quality, creative, boundary pushing games, so of course, everyone was foaming at the mouth to see or hear any kind of information they could get about their next game.

  3. 😳I did NOT know you could demolish those giant heads like that

  4. Maybe it depends on the sub-genre that you like to listen to? Some sub-genres of vaporwave could be considered more or less obscure or “experimental” than others.

  5. Elden Ring will absolutely stand out as one of the best games of all time

  6. Honestly my favorite music lately has been from gaming. It’s been helping keep my focus when nothing else will. So I’ve been choosing games with good soundtracks. Lots of RPGs and Metroidvania style games.

  7. I also love video game osts! I recommend all of the Minecraft soundtracks, Journey, Griz, Steamworld Dig 2, and Hollow Knight!

  8. That's a great song. I usually have Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby on repeat when I'm feeling lonely.

  9. I feel you. I really do. School is scary, but don't be afraid to put yourself out there and be yourself. You're beautiful as is, in your own way. You are enough. Try exercising, meditating, eating healthy, and maybe try taking some medication if you feel your social anxiety is too severe. I've had very severe social anxiety for a long time, but I've started taking meds for a couple months and I definitely feel a lot more unafraid than I was.

  10. All the time. My problem has been having low self-esteem and believing that I'm not good enough for anyone to care about, but I've been starting to expose myself more and learning to be more confident in who I am.

  11. I'm very happy to see you overcoming your fears. Be proud of yourself! If I may ask, what kind of anti-anxiety meds are you taking? I've been taking steadily increased dosages of Prozac for the past 2 months and have still had a very difficult time.

  12. I've missed out on many things in my life. Never went to parties, school dances, prom, or homecoming. Some people say it's overrated, but I still want to at least experience these things for myself. I'm hoping I'm able to find the courage to do these things in college. Maybe it will be different for you too if you go to college?

  13. That is what I'm hoping too...but I'm what I'm missing is having fun like children again. And I'm afraid that people in college are too mature for that.

  14. Just gotta find the right group man. Don't hang out with the ones who think they're too cool.

  15. im 23F, in the same boat. but i’m willing to be your practice partner!

  16. You just made me blush haha. I really appreciate the gesture, but I feel like I have too many problems.

  17. Dude take the opportunity and don't feel embarrassed about this. Don't focus on your problems and think of how best you can overcome them.

  18. I joined this subreddit to maybe find some friends, but I'm too afraid to reach out because of my social anxiety disorder.

  19. I guess it depends who you're talking to. It's always difficult for me to know what to say to people, but it's easier to talk with some people than others. I think there has to be a mutual willingness to talk to each other.

  20. I've been there before. I feel like everyone hates me or thinks I hate them because I don't talk to them. I usually don't know what to say to people or even know how to say hello. I sometimes just stand there staring at them and can only squeek out a tiny "hi", then cringe in embarrassment as they walk away. I don't know when to smile or laugh around peope either, because of how uncomfortable I am around them. I don't recommend the silent method. It will drain you of happiness. Don't be afraid to express yourself on here. Say how you feel. Social anxiety is a curse.

  21. I often feel the exact same way you do. I've gotten to the point where I just don't go anymore, which isn't good. You're very brave for going. I don't have any advice other than try to introduce yourself to some people. Ask them about themselves. I wish you the best.

  22. And yet, isn't there a Dead Space remake in the works? They're really digging their own IP out of it's grave just to put it right back in.

  23. I went into it expecting something really creative and unique compared to what I'd seen in the game thus far. Instead, I got a by the books level that I got through in less than an hour, dumb zombies that basically use one grab attack, dogs, wizards that just spam projectiles, a map that was completely forgettable with nothing that stood out design-wise, a Sif clone and a boss with a boring first phase and a second phase that I loved up until the summoning happened. Big pot boy was interesting I guess.

  24. Hmm, I disagree on almost every point you mentioned. I agree that Renalla's first phase isn't that great, and it is a rather short area, but everything else blew me away. I find the area itself to be one of the coolest, most atmospheric looking areas in the game, and the scale of it was breathtaking. All the enemies you mentioned are in other areas too, so wouldn't those areas be just as bad? Also, just cause there's a dog for a boss, doesn't make it a Sif clone. I thought it was a very fun fight.

  25. Atmospherically and aesthetically I liked it, but mechanical it was sorely lacking. Other areas aren't bad just for the inclusion of enemies alone, it would need to be taken case by case. For instance, I get why Caelid would have those zombies given its history and it doesn't just spam them. The point isn't that those enemies make an area bad, it's that those are the only enemies in Raya Lucaria and they are spammed to a ridiculous extent and it just gets tedious to fight them.

  26. I see your point on the enemy spam, but I guess it doesn't bother me as much. To me, being that it's an academy, it makes sense to have a lot of enemies there.

  27. I do agree with the wretch though. It is the worst class in the game and there's no real reason to ever start with it unless you're doing rl1 run.

  28. I use wretch because I don't want to waste levels in stats I'm never going to use, and it's also the best class for switching between builds.

  29. But when you choose wretch, you have points in stats you don't need, so you still have wasted "levels" there.

  30. That's true. I suppose if you had a specific build planned, something else would be better, but if you end up deciding to completely change builds half way through the game, then it's a different story. The last character I did started with pure INT, but I ended up switching it to pure STR, so now I have a good handful of levels wasted in other stats.

  31. That should be patched to be less bright. For real, my eyes hurt

  32. FromSoftware must really like blinding people. It happens at least 3 different times in the game lol

  33. Is it me or not only does it flash bang you but the entry noise also loud as fuck?

  34. Lol yes. It's like a nuclear blast goes off as soon as we touch the door

  35. Now what game to play is been my issue. Everything feels like crap lol. Just finished dark souls 3 again.

  36. Idk if it's just me, but playing DS3 after Elden Ring feels very bizarre. More so than playing DS1 even. It's like it's newer, but at the same time, it feels more outdated.

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