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  1. Seems weird that someone would care about someone else drinking half pints

  2. That’s the whole point of this thread. Weird things you judge people on.

  3. The lack of cropping on this image fucked with my head.

  4. Fuck off idiot. I’m not about to go trawling pictures of cairns off the internet to prove anything to your dumb ass.

  5. the true oddlyterrifying was OP's responses in the comments

  6. Heres a piece of advice when posting on reddit. Dont reply to comments if you dont want to argue endlessly. It will never stop. Put down your phone, turn off notifications, and go watch some tv. I think you've given yourself enough of a headache for today.

  7. But how will people on the internet know that I'm right about something?

  8. Who tf wants to get rid of the moon? You afraid of Giant Apes?

  9. It’s because it’s a blue item that rolled sockets as one of its mods.

  10. If they don't have war travs, I doubt they'll have a 2/20/2os circ, 2/20 ammy and arachs.

  11. So you must have internet connection to post this question but I'm assuming you don't have access to Google search?

  12. Maybe I just enjoy interacting with others from our pleasant online community.

  13. https://www.darrellmoore.me/2021/09/what-is-the-best-linux-distribution-for-an-old-apple-macbook/

  14. Consider a light weight Linux instead of Mac OS--

  15. Indeed. Lagavulin 16 Yr old on my shopping list currently, all adds up very quickly!

  16. Beautiful - one of the best standard release whiskies out there.

  17. This is an extremely nice circlet. Not quite GG, but def really solid.

  18. Having an opinion about an organization/regime is virtue signalling?

  19. It is when you forget about it for the next flavor of moral outrage of the month by January.

  20. Hasn't LGBT rights been a pretty major issue for some time now?

  21. Urban Hell is subjective of course, but what about the picture conjures a sense of hell to you?

  22. I don’t care about stats. I’ve actually found the amulet many many many times. Only found the Armor a small handful.

  23. I really don't get how so many self-professed D2 experts on this sub have such ridiculous opinions.

  24. 3 piece tals (armour, ammy, belt) is often considered the best option for a MF sorc. Full set is probably not as good as other options.

  25. You need to use this metal to become a superhero who fights antisocial behaviour. Your tagline could be "who's laughing now....?"

  26. Weirdly I've heard exactly the same thing about Bristol before. I think Nick Park said it in a talk I saw.

  27. Maybe FirstBus can use it in their new advertising campaign?

  28. Also, did they change the wording to gerting magic items? Its magic find, magic get sounds weird

  29. This is the correct wording. People shorten the terms for ease, and we all get used to thinking of it in the easier format.

  30. Relax man. Fuck. I guess I was wrong. I tried to make a fortitude for myself out of a 4 socket superior armor and it didn’t take and I coulda sworn I read something somewhere online that you couldn’t use them for some reason. That’s all.

  31. Next time maybe you should make sure you know what you're talking about before commenting on someone's post.

  32. Maybe don’t be a fucking asshole. I wasn’t trying to be rude or know it all. I firmly thought you could not use a superior base as I tried myself and it didn’t work and read online that you couldn’t use them. Maybe the info I read was outdated. I was wrong and learned something. Fuckn A man.

  33. Ok, sounds fair. In future I'll try to avoid being an asshole, and I hope you avoid posting incorrect info as though it's fact.

  34. Rules which include jailing people for telling others to f off.

  35. After breakfast, how long do you wait until you brush?

  36. It's always the people who know their mushrooms that end up sending their entire extended family into kidney failure.

  37. I absolutely 100% don't trust mushrooms that haven't been bought from a shop.

  38. FYI it is absolutely fine to eat foraged mushrooms if you know what you're doing, like OP clearly does.

  39. The question still applies, just change 'wife' to 'husband'. Would you take your husband's last name?

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