1. Not saying it looks good or appropriate, but you can put sharksgrip in the sealer and make it waaay less slippery.

  2. Not thinking ahead. Failing to take your putter with you. Parking the cart or ur pushcart is some fucked up spot that requires your to walk the wrong direction to the next tee.

  3. 50 and 54. That 5iron is probly more like a 2iron. Lol

  4. Yardage varies with driver 180-190ballspeed. 54 stock 125, 135 if i step on one.

  5. Episode 3 is proof positive that these directors, given the chance will put on the kid gloves and write a “nice story” instead of embracing the hopelessness and brutality laid out in the source material. It gets a bad review with me because of this.

  6. Ah yes the kid gloves of "living a full life with my partner and having to process that they are ill and going to die soon"

  7. fluff episode that diverts from game gets bad reviews -reeeeeeeeeeeeeee its cuz of people who hate same sex relationshipssssss reeeeeeee

  8. Dont hit past the ladies tee, dick out. Applies to tour guys. Im confident the threat would produce mishits more often.

  9. People git mad wen guys have bigger dick n balls then them

  10. They get paid like the rest of us, with fame and puss.

  11. Fat, skinny, shaved, hairy, dirty, moody, all kinds of em yup.

  12. Just do CSP, collect the premiums AND get paid the interest on the cash u hold. Not sure if trashhood does that but other brokerages do.

  13. Yup! It's exactly why they've been able to knock us down on such little volume these past few months as well. Luckily, their game stops now.

  14. Lol could u imagine a 500mil volume day. #RIPHEDGIES

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