Seatbelts save lives yo


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  1. Looks like something my mother-in-law could use to floss her teeth.

  2. Did you mean safety blade or straight blade? A straight blade you can keep forever and resharpen as needed. A safety blade is just another disposable blade youll be purchasing over and over again. I also like the safety blade, i dont grow much facial hair but it’s bar none the best shave for my dome. I bet it works well on the nuts, too, but thus far i havent been brave enough

  3. Clean and spacious. You’re hired on the spot, mate.

  4. Y’all should opt out of west Texas…..trust me….Colorado is the way to go.

  5. When you’re at 7000+ ft, and there is nothing but high prairie to block your view, you get to see the entire storm. Very common in Montana and Wyoming

  6. Dirt on hand rails….visible dust and grime in and around tool rack. B+.

  7. Guy in pharmacist smock not giving up his15 minute break for no booty.

  8. Fruit fly scented perfume bottle. My cousin has one. You dip the stem in, then you apply the scent behind your ears and on the wrists.

  9. Starting to realise that my experience about ship engine rooms might be tainted by Hollywood. Actual boating experience topped out at ringing the bell in one of the little circular floaters at the State Fair.

  10. This has to be close to brand new. Not even a smudge on the hand rail. If not, then Tony Curtis was the head ship mechanic

  11. Looks so cute and scraggly-fluffy. How long before they can kill you?

  12. Best thing I’ve seen today. Go schools….you might be our only hope

  13. Couldn’t see what he hit until he checked his leg view mirror

  14. This would be my Uncle Elmer. This would have been ‘the way he planned it’. Uncle E had a pilots license too. Scary crazy individual.

  15. You can tell they’re Anglicans by the way they are.

  16. Note to self: Do not cut top off palm tree while clinging to top of said palm tree.

  17. Seriously what the heck? How does this happen without people noticing it? Doesn’t it stink?

  18. Without point of reference we don’t know how close that is. Those could boulders size of cars.

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