1. It’s supposed to be a culture of quiet women. She’s out of line. Someone needs to throw a rock at her.

  2. That kid looked like he was about to kill himself when she was talking to him.

  3. Okay so my 38th grandfather is Genghis Kan? A man who raped and pillaged my native Sami. What do I get?

  4. The Clinton Foundation funds must be getting real low if she’s taking up a job.

  5. She's at a point in her life where she will literally do anything/ take any job to avoid going home and spending time with her loving husband 😔

  6. That waitress went to the back of the kitchen and called him a “creepy cracka mothafucker”.

  7. “My heart and is was in the right place.”

  8. I have a bottle of airborne monkey pox. If Brendan Schaub doesn’t quite his comedy career by midnight tonight I’ll release it onto the world.

  9. Women have gotten desperate ever since Roe v. Wade got overturned.

  10. A rich and valuable culture. I look forward to the moment where she gets caught and the police say she would’ve gotten away with it if she hadn’t bragged about it on social media.

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