1. Did you consider spray on insulation for the underside of the roof?

  2. Go to Quebec. New England's French heritage has long faded, and the Quebecois immigrants have been integrated for nearly three generations.

  3. Stay at the Chateau Frontenac, hire a guide for a walking tour of the old city, have dinner at the Le Café du Monde, ride a toboggan on the boardwalk, and generally dig the scene.

  4. I seen cases with quite extensive impacts on wetlands that were permitted due to extensive mitigation measures. Basically the wetlands were recreated at alternate locations. Expensive, but worth it if the increase in the value of the land is more.

  5. "Materials compatibility". Patching plaster is gypsum; the plaster you have there is almost certainly lime (although I would invite you to have it tested by a professional).

  6. Can you recommend a lime plaster for residential use? The stuff I find on line is all imported and is very expensive.

  7. https://constructionphysics.substack.com/p/how-much-safer-has-construction-gotten

  8. Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, solved this problem in the 1700s, only he was dropping a needle on a floor made with wooden boards- Buffon’s needle problem

  9. Ceiling tiles down. Yay! Then take down wood strapping, clean it up and give it away to anyone who will pick it up. Think about asbestos. Tear down plaster and lathe and dispose of. Throughly clean room and wait a year or more until it’s clear what you want to do. Probably want to wire a ceiling light with 2 switches, and maybe some outlets. Then hire someone to put up drywall ceiling.

  10. So you know how our left-wing friends bring out the "but true communism/socialism has never been tried!", only to be rebutted by "there's a reason every attempt at implementing the on-paper utopia has resulted in not-true-communism/socialism, and that reason is human nature".

  11. What do you mean by "dehydrator"? All I could find were food dehydrators.

  12. Say whatever you want about him - Texans are falling over each other to vote for him. He’s in for life.

  13. Snow tires. Aggressive snow tires and AWD and you’ll be bulletproof. Good condition all season radials and front wheel drive and you’ll still do pretty well. Drive slow and brake early.

  14. I like the rail on the right going up the stairs but don’t know what’s it for. Why have it?

  15. 53 year's the Detroit Classic in Greektown Golden Fleece for lunch or dinner

  16. The effect in the exhaust is referred to as “Shock Diamonds.”

  17. To summarize: when quiescent water freezes the ice cover is often formed from individual columnar crystals. The crystals reject most impurities which tend to collect along the crystal boundaries. In the spring, sunlight penetrates the ice and causes selective melting along the crystal boundaries. The result is candled ice. The ice cover has no strength but will remain in place until strong winds or something else disturbs it. The ice cover will then quickly collapse and melt away.

  18. I consider myself Democrat leaning but there is a lot of stupid in that list....

  19. A lot of bills get proposed every session. Very few get enacted. That’s sorta how a democracy works.

  20. Driving in snow and ice will be an issue. It’s not that hard until it is. Here’s my advice: buy an AWD and get 4 aggressive snow tires and then you’re practically bulletproof in the winter. This is conservative advice, I admit. Most have good all season radials, quick reflexes, drive more or less cautiously, and do fine most of the time.

  21. You will get older year by year but the 40,000 students will always be the same age.

  22. One of the great things about SD is they created a situation where all these wonderful musicians could shine. That said, Larry Carlton, Kid Charlemagne, and Jay Grayson, Peg, are my two favorites.

  23. Workshop looks good, no handrail on stairs. (Admittedly, an old man concern)

  24. Agree with all that but a lot of funding for the Corps comes from Congressional flood control and other water legislation. Civil works funding and military funding are two different colors of money. The amount of civil vs military funding varies district by district. Overseas work is almost exclusively military.

  25. Remove the windows and replace with highly insulated custom Marvin’s or equivalent. Throw out sash ropes and recycle weights. Foam insulate and close up with original wood work or modern replacements. You won’t regret it.

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