AITA for telling my friend she was undermining my work by having extravagant centerpieces for the bridal table at her wedding, compared to guest tables (which I made centerpieces for?)

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AITA for walking out of a restaurant on my GF?

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  1. Får man inte klaga på att någon är ett år sen med sitt klagomål om någon förändring?

  2. Couch mode for snow runner > desk and chair.

  3. Jag kan tänka mig att betala dricks vid bordsservering, om det har varit bra service. Skulle nog aldrig tänka tanken att göra det när jag står vid disken och beställer en dricka...

  4. It is your job to be supportive of your child. Your number 1 job even.

  5. I'm not surprised the bridal table's centerpieces are more extravagant, I'm surprised she made them. Even if it was another vendor I think it would've been fine, but making them herself kind of feels like a kick to me, like "oh I'm much better than you, but I'll get you to make the guest table". But it is her wedding so she can do whatever she wants, which is why I might be overreacting. But I just think it's kind of like if someone asks you to make a wedding cake, and they have another bigger and better wedding cake there, you know?

  6. Might be a "normal joke" if you are a group of 14 year old buys hitting puberty and joking around in a basement.

  7. At a restaurant. Where people drink. YTA, for sure. She shouldnt have come, if she didnt want to be around people that drink alcohol. You shouldnt have interfered.

  8. So you're saying the petrified wood is easily identifiable on the carpet, or you're hung up on the title of the post which you've just misunderstood?

  9. Yes. It is right there. It takes up most of the image...

  10. Kan det vara så att OP är som vissa brunnar; full av skit? Riktad reklam?

  11. That wasn't much easier, haha. That road was rough... Almost made it all the way around, but ran out of gas. That map is...brutal. Will try coming in from the north next.

  12. Thanks for the tip... Might do that with another truck before continuing...

  13. I have respect for everyone that plays hard mode but I do NOT want to do it myself. _^

  14. Opening the map while the truck is in movement, the showrunner equivalent of texting and driving? :)

  15. The one dragging on the ground in the back is the cherry on the top, lol. Max load! :)

  16. Do people call that noodles? I'm not a native English speaker but I would call that macaroni or just pasta. Noodles are something completely different to me.

  17. I'm in Canada, and my entire life, noodle and pasta are essentially interchangeable. Macaroni is a type of noodle. You might go to the store and buy macaroni noodles. What are noodles to you?

  18. Noodles are basically a synonym with the type of ”pasta” used for rames. The asian type. Thinner than spaghetti, usually. Long and thin.

  19. Jag jobbade i en Pressbyrå som hade DHL-paketutlämning, och vi fick en liten ersättning per paket vad jag vet. Alltså några kronor kanske, så inget att hurra över egentligen.

  20. Lär ju inte vara mer än några kronor vinst om någon köper en snickers heller? :) Nog ingen som har dåligt samvete över att bara shoppa en snickers på pressbyrån.

  21. Konstiga tankebanor! Har du dåligt samvete om du tankar och inte tankar fullt Om du klipper dig hos frisören och inte färgar håret? Att du köper tapeter till ett rum?

  22. Dålig jämförelse. Han trodde ju att butikerna inte får någon ersättning för att lämna ut paketen.

  23. A cow that is allowed to walk away when being penetrated and is not locked down/held in place/etc is a good start?

  24. She cant do no spelling bee either.

  25. Don't know what is worse, OP's title or the tweet.

  26. Exactly what does "aggressive tires arent always the best" mean?

  27. My employer just pays taxes from my income according to how much i make.

  28. How am I supposed to fit 6.25 people in a car?

  29. Put the kids in the trunk and your mother-in-law on the roof and you can probably fit 10.

  30. Why do they split 50 people between 8 cars but not 50 people for however many a bus can hold

  31. This type of image is commonly used to show how much more space-efficient busses and bikes are. Most people are riding their cars alone.

  32. We call them "näsor", in sweden, translates to noses.

  33. Is it the bandit? Having some fuel/repair points on the roof looks so nice.

  34. 450 repairs, 160 L to be exact. One of the biggest roof racks in the game - after the Zikz 605R. Shame that it doesn't have any spare wheels.

  35. Damn, that sounds like a great ”recover trucks task”-truck.

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