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  1. The general playstyles is a supportive one you want to stick to your jg early game for skuttle and objectives, and then late you have 2 jobs 1 shield and cc for your frontline and try to take some of the enemy teams cd's for yourself rather than having your carries get hit its a very much so pseudo-frontline seraphine rather than being there to peel for your backline you play for the frontline basically

  2. Lmao there are summoner spells. The game doesnt revolve around zhonya. Like i said, this is a team game. Not a 1v1 mid game. When you're behind and nothing u can do about it, just roam. It's not the end of the world. The fact that you are chall multiseason shows that you can be 1 dimensional and still get chall.

  3. Not really it shows your lack of game fundamentals if you think lane isnt important you're no better than a diamond or emerald player, lets look at this game for example, lucian 2/4/2 zed is 3/2/2 lucian lucian is down over 1k gold additionally zed has ghostblade, explain what you think will happen if lucian roams? Either a zed matches his roam or b zed gets even further ahead in this case the best thing lucian can do is try to farm and hope he gets jg help, the fact you think "just roam" proves why you cant hit challenger, you have no clue of macro or micro plays and what makes them viable

  4. No, unfortunately the reason why im not challenger is because i dont have the time to play games like how you do. I get gm in 140 games and stop there. You sound like you may have just been coinflipped to chall 🤣.

  5. Tbh making all the npcs a bunch of pretty bois doesnt work woth skyrims the whole point is a gritty viking esque feel

  6. Um buddy boi your semantics dont work explain cold is still cold regardless

  7. It says they have their standard typings its a statement of initiality meaning that it can be changed after the start of said scenario even your comment reiterates this "none of the types are changed" that does not mean they cannot be or even imply it infact its fully within the provided rules

  8. any mage is incredibly difficult on high difficulty if you dont use insane magic resistent enchantments, let alone one that uses shouts and heals several times as well. no offense to op but insane stats like those on their weapons and armour dont make for much of a challenge.

  9. "Insane stats" dude thats not even near insane thats literally just what happens at 100 smithing and enchanting very easily achievable its without the fortify alchemy glitch or any smithing gear believe me it can get more insane if you tried to fight miraak without level 100 enchanting at least maybe miraak isnt the issue

  10. just because theres more insane doesnt make those any less so. and yes, level 100 smithing and enchanting are insane. crafting skills are busted, we know this. it being easily achievable doesnt make it any less busted.

  11. Its not busted? It the way it meant to be played its called powercreep have you ever heard of it? Its how literally all rpgs work, your character gets stronger by doing things to then be able to take on stronger tasks and eventually you reach a point where your character is extremely strong thats how all rpgs work you are literally complaining about the game working as it a should and calling it "op and insane" hate to break it to you but you absolutely cannot beat legendary difficulty upto and including ebony warrior without either getting 100 in smithing and enchanting and using "overpowered gear" or abusing glitches like the fortify alchemy bug, the fact you oh so blatantly disregard the most basic aspect of an rpg is astounding to me

  12. Who says the bounty is the crimes you’ve committed

  13. I’ve heard that the Divine Crusader relics are notoriously buggy. Apparently killing a bandit is enough to become unfit to use them.

  14. Committing anything in the crime catagory which includes sneak attacks if you attack a bandit before they are aggro on youthe game because spaghetti code considers it assault if they aren't insta killed but that's only an issue if you intend on using stealth Also picking locks of doors can be an issue but you just quicksave before lock picking

  15. The only achievements I dont have are pertaining to the stormcloak questline because I dont like doing it and thus have never done it

  16. Tbh it would be better if they made a movie around some of the important events we dont know alot abiut I.E the battle of mountain or the rebellion of the nords against the dragons

  17. Straight up facts. It's a statement piece. It deserves to be in a central location. Everyone knows how shitty guys are at communicating. He probably meant to say “I don't like it in that particular spot, as you (op) have put so much work into it that it deserves more of a visible location." But it probably came out like “grunt grunt grunt armpit scratch I don't like it ball scratch."

  18. Someone is stupid, "men are bad at communicating" lmfao there is zero biological differences between men and women psychologically interms of communicative behavior, however people like, you for example who keep perpetuating this cycle is what cause the differences in behavior most commonly observed men are taught to act a certain way from a young age women are taught to act a certain way from a young age, if people like your moronic self didnt keep perpetuating this cycle of "men and women act different" than moee people would actually be themselves, the ultimate pointlessly gendered moment that everyone ignores is the gendering of behavior, guess what I know women, who go "grumble grumble grumble" armpit scratch, crotch scratch and I know men who speak very refined and always get their point across correctly and effectively, you on the other hand are just plain dumb

  19. I see that moon sugar I know exactly what kinda operation your running here

  20. Shes strong late game sure but in no world is she strong if not ahead or before getting riftmaker,nashors and infinity orb

  21. Bruh lmao she literally has one of the strongest 1-3 in the game you have 0 knowledge of what you speak

  22. Id like you to show me that "strongest" level 1-3 vs a toplaner

  23. Yeah you've just proven your a dumbass with that statement right there im done with this conversation "look at her numbers" why do you bud? Its clear you haven't

  24. I always get my characters to at least level 30 before attempting any of the mains quests, they just feel more rewarding with the leveled loot 👌

  25. I think the funniest thing is getting a daedric axe of whiterun from the Balgruuf

  26. Omg, I didn't even think to use alternative dialogue, I've played so many times I skipped it ;-;

  27. I'm well aware of what early access means. The problem is that so often the games don't get finished. Bugs don't get fixed, endings, Scorched Earth for example, don't get implemented. In this particular case it's years later that we're finally going to get an ending to that map.

  28. Hey stupid thats the gamble of early access get this games especially insanely large scale games like ark can take years or even decades of development to be fully complete if you can either have incomplete games pumped out fast or good games that take a while to develop, cause you cant have both and you for sure cant complain about both you are the definition of a moron

  29. It does look a little bit like cake doesn’t it?

  30. Nah is not because of that. Adc is popular because is the “YouTubers” lane. Hence it is played by a lot of crappy wannabe toxic kids. A good ganked on a bot lane with a shitty Adc = 2 kills. We can say that if your bot lane is bad they can feed the double making the game harder to win.

  31. I got it from steam, that might have been my issue. I think it's already left a bad taste in my mouth, so it's probably getting refunded. Thank you for the help though!

  32. Honestly, I appreciate all the cringe you guys go through on a daily to keep our community at least semi-decent

  33. Bro do you say anything but the most generic reddit responses? You are literally what an A.I programmed to argue with reddit would sounds like, typing dumb 1 - 3 worded responses that dont make any sense. Not even attempting to make a coherent point like man its just sad that you probably genuinely think you are funny.

  34. Yet you do have time to continue this arguement? You have time to go to a random post and just lead off being rude? You have time to talk negatively? Strange how your "schedule" only allows you to "have time" to do be a dick

  35. The lore has nothing to do with summoners rift, the location itself is just a religious site of no significance

  36. If I remember correctly in early days of lol pc summoners rift had lore explanation

  37. It does still but it lost its significance when the entire lore got rhetconned and replaced it used to be home to the fighting tournament known as "the league of legends" but now its just a religious site in demacia with no major lore

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