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  1. Well gosh. Maryland isn't anywhere near the South.

  2. “I get a w2! Like a normal employed person! I don’t want to hear about w4s!”

  3. Whatever clownshow is complaining in your second picture about having a W2, not a W4.

  4. They are the examples of idiots who dont understand tax cuts.

  5. They didnt detect them bc they never happened.

  6. Based on this question you do not need to be playing any Beethoven at this point amigo.

  7. I concur. Rests are covered within the first 10 chapters of the Faber book that I'm working though, and I'd guess that's the same for the Alfred book.

  8. rests are often discussed day one. after all music is also the silence in between the sounds.

  9. have a great show. loved playing shows in Athens and definitely miss playing shows in athens. was in the band radiolucent.

  10. we used to be a poppin' scene. the DJ and covid killled it.

  11. the underlying chord is a Gb minor which has a Bbb. you do not break up the integrity of a chord (which is tertiary) to satisfy easier notation.

  12. Sounds good. As a parent to a 20 year old bi daughter and two infant boys these conversations are not appropriate for any educator to have with a child. Reverse it, would you be OK with a male teacher discussing heterosexual attraction to cis females to your 6 year old daughter? The "sexuality" being discussed doesn't make it appropriate. The sexuality doesnt make it inappropriate either. The age makes it inappropriate. Its a parent's job.

  13. very nice. reminds of some old dirt roads down in south Georgia.

  14. You misread. The $2400 refund was for federal and now they owe $390. Its literally right there. OP doesnt seem to understand their own screenshot.

  15. I connected it to a computer screen now, but there is a lot of distortion on the sound. Might there be a way to fix it?

  16. Turn the volume of your PC way down. Its likely too much gain coning from your PC. You want to go no more than 50%-60% volume on your source (PC) and let this old amp do the work.

  17. That is indeed an input. Use the phono setting to hear it. Its likely line level meaning no preamp required. If you were plugging a record player into it, you will likely need a preamp.

  18. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tax_Cuts_and_Jobs_Act_of_2017

  19. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tax_Cuts_and_Jobs_Act_of_2017

  20. My theory is those Chinese balloons commonly fly over the US and the real reason this one was made a drama is an election.

  21. Balloons are exponentially cheaper and have better imaging capabilities bc they are drastically closer.

  22. I can make jpegs too. I guess awkward.com did too. Found 8 exact images on other sites.

  23. You did the right thing being there. "Love covers a multitude of wrongs." Its hard now, but later you will cherish knowing she was with her baby as she left. Hang in here.

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