1. I hate the type of people that drive just below the speed limit on the right lane. So annoying.

  2. Regardless of the speed, if one is not actively passing or about to take a rare left exit, then move out of the left lane.

  3. Unless you’re in Britain, Australia, Hong Kong, etc.

  4. I get annoyed at that, too, even though I’m barely ever the one passing. My wife mostly stays in the left lane in thicker-ish traffic; and it takes all of my self-control to resist asking her to change to the right lane

  5. Perfect match who came along at an imperfect time, whereby it became tragically frustrating trying to make it work with too many external factors pulling us apart

  6. If you are actively using your Mac it won’t switch Light/Dark mode, only if you lock your screen or your mouse is not moving for few minutes.

  7. Perhaps I'm being dense, but can you define "actively using" and "locked"?

  8. Quayle Dukakis in the Bush. It’s 5th grade all over again for me!

  9. I was in 2nd grade. I remember so clearly because my school setup an election simulation and had everyone vote (complete with curtained voting booths, paper ballots, counting machines, etc.). Bush won by a landslide

  10. I was in 3rd grade and we did the same thing for that same election year Ross Perot won ours because education reform was one of his main platforms

  11. Wow, you actually voted with some logic. I’m pretty sure we all just voted based on our parents

  12. I would amend it as being screen addiction, not just phones

  13. It’s small potatoes comparatively, but my stepson’s father was sued in federal court for $2m for basically a ponzi scheme and lost. It made the Tennessean. This coming January, he’s going to criminal federal court for another ponzi scheme and an additional charge this time around of money laundering. This is after he legally changed his name about five years ago. We knew he was up to no good again after we discovered about the name change. He’s almost certainly guilty. I feel sorry for my poor stepson who wants so desperately to believe he’s innocent

  14. He's just stupid enough to do this, basically gifting both houses and the presidency to the Dems.

  15. Ironically, that’s basically how the Republican Party came to power in 1860

  16. Hey there, does this happen when you're in InPrivate mode as well? If not, could you try disabling your Extensions to see if one is the culprit?

  17. Nope, neither of those worked. This is on Duolingo's website, is what I most want. However, it goes for any website, as far as I can tell

  18. Yes! Especially when it's benign. It feels like someone randomly on the street saying, "Hey, your opinion sucks" when all I said was that I didn't prefer pepperoni on my pizza. Why not just move along? Why downvote?

  19. they fucked up by not opening it there and testing new products at that location

  20. Sounds like a great plan, actually. You should get a job as their new intern, pitch the idea, and become the superstar

  21. Oh great, another pro-viking trivia fact.. Being Danish I'm not at all against it, just confused 😆

  22. I’m pretty sure only the cat people think this fact is pro-Viking

  23. That’s what the inflation calculation is used for

  24. I went with the Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ calculator.

  25. But were they? Maybe it was just the board with the scene and take written on it? (i.e., without the clapper part)

  26. Some ultra low budget things will have someone hold up a piece of paper with the scene number or whatever info (so the thumbnails are clear) and then someone else will put their hands in front of it and clap (one clap).

  27. Aren’t they super cheap on Amazon? (I think someone commented elsewhere here)

  28. Seeing this reminds me of an old trick with paying traffic tickets... You would call in Guilty, pay using the automated phone system, and pay 2 or 3 cents more than needed. The system would accept payment, but due to a balance on the account, would not transmit as finalized to be sent to DMV for Processing of Points. Says you paid in Full, but never got sent to DMV for point penalization.

  29. It would depend on the county. I would imagine most systems would be programmed to flag that as an exception, and a human would end up reviewing the transaction. Your county’s system sounds like the exception, not the rule

  30. It’d be considered a credit memo in the accounting world. Don’t worry about it. Just apply it against your next invoice. They might even apply it against it for you

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