1. Oregon is a notify if asked state. I’ll have to do some digging to see if Oregon attaches your CHL to your drivers license info.

  2. Maybe I’m over-thinking this, but I think all you need to worry about is answering truthfully if you are asked, then.

  3. Been there, done that. Hopefully, you can forgive yourself and move on.

  4. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (commonly referred to as the Mormon Church) wasn’t allowed to practice polygamy, even though that was viewed as a religious practice.

  5. Since it’s clear we’re all thinking of it… here you go!

  6. I was hoping I can get an idea of something to try on here,,, before I had to go to the Apple Store

  7. Sadly, I had little doubt after the 2020 elections about the level of collusion between big tech, mainstream media and our deep state bureaucrats in washington.

  8. How about you post a link to it, so we know we’re subscribing to the right one?

  9. Luthor, not Luther. Please, quit letting auto-corrupt “fix” this for you.

  10. Now I’m going to have to go look up what a telescopic urinal is.

  11. I searched for “YouTube Phlster bathroom” and this was the first link:

  12. I’ve followed this example and had zero issues.

  13. If they’d released those without the awful framing narrative, it might have had more staying power. The folk tales could have stood on their own as animated shorts.

  14. It’s officially locked up forever. But media does occasionally escape into the internet, and I saw it some years ago. The parts about the plantation were super boring and unmemorable, and they had a super rose-tinted glasses view of Reconstruction society.

  15. People who want to interact with certain retailers do.

  16. Going to try to go to Tulsa gun show in April just for the simple fact I never been to that or Shot Show in Vegas.

  17. SHOT Show is for members of the industry (industries) and press only; it’s not open to the general public

  18. So gotta get a job at a gun manufacturer or go work for CNN. That kinda sucks but will have to check out what gun manufacturer is hiring for either my career field or go into something new.

  19. Gun manufacturer, flashlight manufacturer, knife manufacturer, survival food manufacturer, emergency light (as in for emergency vehicles) manufacturer, supplier of anything a sporting goods store would sell, NRA, GOA, store security systems, the list goes on.

  20. Looks like this time, it was more like AutoCorrupt. LOL

  21. No, Clark did NOTHING with his powers to influence the game. Completely wrong example.

  22. He's playing while having superpowers and playing well because of those powers, that's cheating and he wouldn't be doing so good if he didn't, yet we're supposed to cheer for him and act like it's acceptable

  23. He didn’t use his powers to do anything that a high-school student couldn’t do. Granted, not EVERY high-school athlete can reach that level, but many across the country can and do. So, yeah, if he keeps his use of abilities within the norms of human, I see no issues with it. You obviously disagree with SOME part of this argument, if not every part.

  24. I was gonna say, this is the exact joke my physics prof used to share that principle

  25. Well, physics is simply applying mathematics to the physical world, so that makes sense.

  26. From what I, a pretty-much-uninterested bystander, know of the case, it is entirely appropriate to charge him.

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