Regarding Account Security and Account Theft

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  1. It’s been broken for a while now. It either never starts or dev error comes up.

  2. Yeah before the reloaded patch I always got dev error and now after it just doesn't do anything. So glad I paid 70 dollars for this :.

  3. Getting the same error and I don't have MSI afterburner or riva installed.

  4. Are the purple crystal dust used for anything in the shop besides purple equipment?

  5. Fixed it, apparently "Illumination Dim Timer" slider wasn't all the way on off even though it looked like it was so after I made sure it was actually set to off the lights no longer come on. As for the scratchy feet the issue still persists and is actually pretty annoying so I'm probably going to be ordering a pair of corepads skatez.

  6. Oh this looks neat, well here's wishing I might win one!

  7. It doesn't work in genshin impact :( that's the one game I was looking forward to using it in lol

  8. I don't normally comment on art posts but this was really unique and cool! Nice job.

  9. Would be neat to get to try one of these!

  10. Oh yay it's not just me. Was on discord last night and it happened to me 2 times, clicking on anything wouldn't work but I could still hear people talking as well as view all my open tabs and move my cursor but that was it. Couldn't open task manager, use my push to talk button or close anything out or even open up windows explorer. At least I know my computer isn't dying somehow now and it's just a windows update glitch.

  11. Mad at someone because they are better than you at something? Maybe you should self reflect. And before you say I'm defending myself I'm a hardstuck d4 and I don't hate predators they're just better. (At least the ones who don't abuse the bronze lobby glitch fuck those people.)

  12. Didn't know me killing someone in a 1v1 made them better than me

  13. And where in your post did you mention killing anyone? Am I supposed to read minds? Also if you can kill them so easily why make this post?

  14. Ah I was thinking of returning mine because of how squeaky my left click was getting after 2 days but seeing this post I guess it's more of a common issue and not really worth trying since I'll probably just get another one with the same issue. I really love the shape of this mouse I just wish it had better quality m1/m2.

  15. Yes there is. I'm also at 20, with 121 sigils. Still got a domain to do as well. And some chests from daily gated things.

  16. Can confirm I'm also level 20 with 69 (nice) extra sigils ready, I need to keep finding more chests!

  17. It may be that your desk is too high. I use a standing desk so that I can get the perfect height while sitting. With my elbows at 90 degrees my monitor is quite high as well. However, before I moved to a standing desk my monitor always sat very low too.

  18. Yeah I've been thinking about getting shorter legs for my desk to get my elbows to sit more comfortably near a 90 degree angle. I currently have 28 inch legs holding a inch and half thick butcher block and I can't really get my elbows at that angle without my feet being not properly seated on the floor or if I try and focus on that then my back isn't straight lol. I can't afford a motorized sit/stand desk at the moment but I'll probably have to just buy some shorter legs for the desk.

  19. The rule is your eyes about 2 inches below the top. 😂

  20. Yea I kind of wish we had a dedicated day to art spam or just another sub reddit for it...kind of annoying seeing 30 new swimsuit for x pieces everyday.

  21. Thanks for the reply but sadly I've tried about every other route including capping my fps with my monitors refresh rate. I have a 144hz monitor and I've used rivatuner to cap it at 144 and 141 fps and neither solution have worked as well as using g sync with and without v sync on. I have a 2080ti with a 3700x and 32gb of ram and a 970 nvme m.2. I won't bother you with trying to troubleshoot this issue for me the bios thing was kind of just my last hope, I might just do a fresh windows install next to see if that does anything. Oh and since you asked the games it happens in those are apex legends, war thunder and genshin impact. They are the only games I play at the moment so I'm not sure if it's just them or any game I try and play.

  22. There's always a chance that you can address the issue with a firmware/BIOS update. And I definitely disagree that driving the monitor with more frames than "it can take" has anything to do with stuttering - otherwise all discussions around screen tearing would also include stuttering.

  23. I just decided to go with the nuclear option and did a fresh windows install. I haven't gotten to test any games yet since but here's hoping it will fix it. Thanks for the suggestions btw! I don't normally have too many other things open while gaming and the only peripherals I have plugged in are the ones I constantly use which is just my m&kb and my headphone dac/amp. If the issue persists with the fresh install I'll try the bios update oh and I do keep the chipset drivers updated so that isn't the issue.

  24. I have the see audio yume iems and I was just wondering what's a good budget amp/dac setup to run them at my desk? I just want the ease of being able to plug them in and out right at the front of the desk and have the volume knob there also. Budget is $200 USD.

  25. And I'll still probably miss it after I fail to sneak up on it.

  26. there's a guide for the gold boxes on the mihoyo forums:

  27. Ah thanks I haven't been able to get the last box due to the time limit in the fight.


  29. It said the majority of accounts who got hacked are those signed up by several people/places or at the very least passed around by 2 people.

  30. I never shared my account or logged into any sketchy websites or any other excuse they used and my account was still hacked. Keep blaming the victims until you become one and see how far that gets you.

  31. Got my account back today, it took about 12 days including the back and forth with support. Nothing was changed except my in game "nickname" and they hadn't even moved my character. It's too bad I missed out on a free fischl constellation since I only had to do the last stage 2 more times before all this happened but at least no damage was done to the account. From now on I'll be avoiding anything co op like the plague and it's gonna take me a loooong time to trust them enough to spend money on this game again but at least I got it back so yay.

  32. My ticket cleared itself today and closed the ticket after waiting 3 days with no response when they told me to wait for a response. Great customer support system...

  33. I guess it means if the person who stole my account doesn't live with me I'm SOL. It's a really stupid comment. Of course a different location will be found since my account was STOLEN. I'm still hopeful but if they try and pull this I'll just go to my bank for charge backs and forget about mihoyo and their games.

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