1. This company is making things happen!! It is extremely undervalued and I encourage anyone looking to get in to the ground floor of a pure play next generation tech company to check out their timeline!

  2. 100% agree with you. I am very long term investor in this company! Anyone who wants to be part of this community is more than welcome. Early stage companies need visibility!

  3. This won’t be a big catalyst for high tide as they won’t be opening stores.

  4. HITI has 10% of the Canadian market, they can increase their footprint without opening additional stores! Their unique discount club model will attract new customers! Margin pressure will push many stores and competitors to close providing High tide with new customers without HITI spending a dime on marketing, simply because the more competitors they close, the more market share they gain, even if they don't open stores! once it reaches profitability it will return to its growth, I'm sure. Imo was undoubtedly the best choice!

  5. 8112 is coming... I am confident that qples will play an important role in this when 8112 is launched in the USA! If its technology is that unique, it won't be long before big CPG brands strike some partnerships. Time will tell...

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