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  1. Question: you can obviously tell I like Islay Scotch and Irish, but I haven’t really dabbled at all in Bourbons. The Davidson Reserve and AE were mooched from my job that didn’t need them. Should I just keep going down the Islay/Scotch/Irish route or actually start buying some bourbons? I just don’t want to waste money on something I may not like.

  2. I don't think either way is wrong. You might find an Islay you don't like. I'm somewhat of a peathead myself but don't really care for Oban 14.

  3. What's the Nikka Days like? I Love their Grain Whiskey expression, and would like to find a bottle of From the Barrel. But don't find myself all that interested in buying a bottle of Days, even if it is lightly peated.

  4. Also a huge fan of JW Black. Killed a 1.75L in roughly 4 months reasoning that it was protecting my more expensive whiskies from my gluttony. I'm leaning towards a Green pickup as well as my next JW bottle. I've tried Blue and I like Blue but I could get 2-5 bottles for the price of one Blue and be a much happier person.

  5. I want utilities like gas, water, and electricity to be a public utility so bad.

  6. This is why my car's dashcams connect to my WiFi when I get home and one of my servers automatically downloads any new footage off them.

  7. PC is some good juice. I will go against the other comments here and say I like it more than Uiggy.

  8. Have you attempted to contact Jayztwocents to get the word about relaunching out?

  9. Drops of an islay in the MS curb the malt grain funk while keeping the center butterscotch notes. Can't go wrong with BT.

  10. Yeah I don't think anybody was truly there yet but there are a couple of players that reached that level during their respective meta. Armada 2015-2018, mango 2009-2014 and 2020-2022, Hbox 2017-2019 and arguably still today, he's just been too lazy to implement the answers he needs in today's meta imo but I'm really sure that he knows what to do at any point.

  11. Fake, I would just turn off the flames with an extinguisher so fast that your eyes would not be able to follow.

  12. No no. Watch it burn. Ain't out control, nothing near it either.

  13. Are you telling me my r5 1600 is the reason I can't enjoy star citizen?

  14. Bro, the second my x370 mobo supported Ryzen 5000 I got a 5800x. Solid 120 fps in Rocket League, solid 60 fps in Monster Hunter, much better performance in WoW:Classic. The 1600 was a rock steady CPU but the 5000 series is such a step up.

  15. 5800x3D would be your best bet to eek every bit of performance out of a 3090ti and vice versa.

  16. Ill order the 5800x3D, but im still confused with which cooler some people saying u need a good cooler to squeeze the performance cuz the boost will be minimal if u have bad cooler. On the other hand a lot of people saying any midrange cooler will be good cuz its only 130w cpu.

  17. my 5800x(non3D) does fine with my 240 aio but if you have the space get the 360

  18. On classic, the day they added honor. Oh man it was a 100+ vs 100+ all out war between tarren mill and south shore. On grobbulus it lasted days/weeks. That was the epic classic wpvp I craved. I agree with you that it's often just more vs less on most servers, but on grobbulus being almost 50% horde/alliance it was exactly what wpvp was about.

  19. All I remember was a laggy mess that got boring super quick.

  20. Monster Hunter 6/Paradise is also supposed to release in 2023 but no more info is available.

  21. Got asked at a fast food drive through the other day. Never had pushback when answering "No thanks."

  22. Hard to say. I buy a bottle roughly every month and have 2-8 drinks per week depending on the week. I don't usually finish bottles either. I get them down to between 1/3rd and 1/4th full and then they live on my bar until I have friends over to finish them off.

  23. $40 here. Can't see me picking Toki over the other options in the 60-70$ range tho. That's Nikka Coffey grain levels for me and much preferred to Toki.

  24. The single barrel maybe? I picked up the Single Barrel Rye and it ain't bad but I think I prefer Pennsylvania style Rye over Kentucky Rye.

  25. Props for the commitment. I upgraded from my FX6300 to a Ryzen 1600 on day one and could instantly see and feel the improvement in all my games.

  26. Chivas (Mizunara is a personal fav,) Tomatin, Jameson Stout cask.

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