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  1. I know you can evolve lvl100 mons with a rare candy in SWSH, but can you do it in BDSP?

  2. My father once told me he watched "A Werewolf in London" when he was about 16. There is a scene in the movie where there is a full moon and its rainy outside. When he got out of the cinema, it was rainy, and there was a fullmoon, he told me he sprinted faster than ever.

  3. Sorry I literally just found it. But if you want we can try to se if we get a shiny

  4. Yeah I can do that. I can run and grab a Swirlix real quick. Just a regular PokeBall right?

  5. hey do you think you coul;d also help me trade it for it to evolve? (i bred a new swirlix cuz i wanted my OT on them) i already got the items

  6. Yeah for sure! You mind setting up the code this time?

  7. I play rampart but when a mate picks rammy I know me and fuse are gonna have a great time.

  8. This looks very close to signal rgb implementation. You work for em?

  9. Dude that’s crazy . Nice job I absolutely loved these patterns that I saw some weeks back. Keep it up broski!

  10. Man I’ve been learning how to drive this summer and me car has no AC. Here in Mexico we are experiencing 46C and Lemme tell ye it’s a hell of a ride mate.

  11. Damn that’s exactly like my cool uncle

  12. it took me 14 tears before i googled it, how was i supposed to know that you had to press up and down!?!?

  13. I currently run a Ryzen 7 3700x and a rx 5700xt on a Asrock b450m/ac mobo. I was looking to get a newer mobo . Should I upgrade and what should I upgrade to.

  14. I love the celebrations set but scalpers took all the ETBs before anybody else got a chance. The RBE era design is actually kinda cool. Good luck to everyone else and thank you for giving back to the community.

  15. I’ll help you with your pumpkaboo amigo. Send me a code

  16. So you need to touch trade and a moonstone? I got you broski set a trade room please.

  17. Thank you very much for your generosity :)

  18. No problemo just remember to pay it forward.

  19. Thank you very much :) That's very generous! I'll be in room 1046 1356

  20. I’ll give them the stones and send them back to you stay in the room plzzz

  21. Thanks so much for your help! :)

  22. I'll use the same code for Porygon2. Just need to attach the item, so it won't take any time at all.

  23. There you go wanted to add the shiny variation to ur dex. Have a good one

  24. Can u send a thank you so I can add the trade to my flair HQ? Plz

  25. Aaa I’m sorry seems I don’t have it I could touch trade you the evolves form for your dex amigo?

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