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  1. Nah I’d beat the hell out of a chimp and kangaroo… for like 2-4 seconds that feels like a 2 minute fight

  2. Facts the blue dreads were so basic the other ones just gave him that star power nobody in the game could compete with his image

  3. Aye and fuckity fuck you too! 😊

  4. 😭I’d print the pictures and put it inside, W dad fasho cuz I wouldn’t do that

  5. Only messed with seniors, about 20-30 years ago

  6. Wtf is therapy going to do for that? Get the fuck out of bet and work on yourself

  7. Nah son if I was squidward I’d question life every day after that 😂😂😂 living in the matrix cuz ain’t no way bro just made a beat using a paper

  8. i'm sorry you're experiencing this anxiety, but it's good you have that drive. it's good you have goals that you're actively working for.

  9. You’re a woman you can take breaks, as men we cannot take breaks 🤦🏽‍♂️😂boys don’t listen to her

  10. Rs this lame asl ion care if its a joke, what if yo dukes got popped nd a nigga said that bout her💯

  11. Them niggas weird for upvoting him and downvoting you but 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  12. Can I hold this clowns hand 😂😂😂 I’d like to walk her through baltimore and treat her to some brewskies

  13. Can confirm. My abusive ex is a critical care nurse. He’s also a rapist. Raped a girl in HS. He sexually assaulted me. Now he’s a nurse.

  14. Not better than proud of myself that song makes me teary eyed

  15. I better not see no Nicki Minaj or it’s over for niggas

  16. Nikki Minaj is a banger but Ien never hear a car drive by playin it bro 😂

  17. It’s so much harder for me to write music using YouTube now smh, they put everything inside of the full screen and it’s the end of me

  18. Some of these women really need to stop caring so much bout what the next “bitch” is doing and focus on self.

  19. Ain’t gon lie if yb wait 2 and a half years to drop, that shit better not have one skip. Ion even think he’s ever made us wait that long for a drop😂

  20. I remember them spinrilla days, like 4 tapes were planned on dropping and never dropped, had me pissed, I remember it was some shii supposed to drop Christmas and it ain’t drop, shit made me uninstall the app 😂😂

  21. Is this delta 8 stuff really that bad? I'm not from a country where weed is legalised btw so don't judge me. As far as I know, delta 8 is a compound of weed, so not that bad? And what if you eat it anyways?

  22. Delta 8 is basically like CBD in a way, the thc levels are extremely low, but with some people it still reacts the same.. for everyone weed/delta 8/9 will react different so you won’t know til you try it

  23. Surprisingly I pay the same as you for an O from Maine, but that’s me getting dispensary weed from a dealer who knows the farmers supplying the dispensaries directly so there’s no middle man bs aside from him lol, same quality stuff at the dispo would easily run me 300+

  24. I get that. Hell Revival "failed" in most people's eyes but I thought that was a fantastic introspective album Em made to kinda process all the shit he's gone through and I fucking love when artists make music they need to make more so than the music they usually do. I dunno man I'm a professional Em dick rider going 20yrs strong now so I got a high opinion of the man and his music lol

  25. Being a fan and avid supported doesn’t mean you’re a dick rider bro

  26. As long as it ain’t rain recently you should be good if everything looks right and smells right

  27. You too my nigga, just got off work rey get a haircut, smoke these fuckin blunts and gtf to sleep 🤣🤣

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