1. If this actually happened Chris would probably end up cutting a deal with her at the last minute, she lets him spread despair in North America and in return he keeps quiet on her involvement in Japan. Junko might even let Chris borrow some amnesia tech to keep his own fun up. More despair is her game and Chris would happily cause some.

  2. To increase this even more terrifying thought, The Lawyers and anyone who could stop him could be dealt with by Beast Monokumas that Junko could give him.

  3. I see people disliking Chris vs Monokuma from time to time but I didn’t like, make the matchup so I don’t care all that much.

  4. Disappointing, I can’t believe you would get the amount of Dimensions that SCP 3812 exists on wrong. In the time it took you to type that, He became 281937D, Completely fake fan.

  5. Meanwhile I ask for a matchup for Lucifer Morningstar and get Michael Demiurgos.

  6. My next Attempt, I got Yog-Sothoth vs Cthulhu before I got an actually interesting Yog-Sothoth MU I actually want to look into.

  7. Not even making up whatever the fuck they want can save Not_2_Junk from the DC Herald.

  8. I definitely see where you're coming from here. If you don't mind my asking, what are the Yule Man's actual durability feats?

  9. This is where someone who actually knows SCP would probably come in as I basically just got into the basics of it last night, But I remember stuff about how the Yule Man has been shot at before which is why I’m much more hesitant about Kevin’s more light-toned and childish traps being able to do considerable damage.

  10. I believe that it isn’t exactly said but based off the fact that he continues to come back year after year despite this, it could definitely be debatable on if it should be considered that he can just tank the bullets themself. I feel like the issue with it even being an option would kinda just ruin the sort of fight dynamic since you could make a decent argument with him just being able to tank the bullets.

  11. I think he should fight Kai, It sort of just has that sort of Action-like and fast paced Vibe I think a fight with death should have.

  12. Doesn’t the foundation scale above 3812 in some canons?

  13. If I may ask, What exactly puts GIH Godzilla that high? I remember him and Space Godzilla destroying the earth and the only thing I’ve heard for Uni Godzilla was the thing where he killed some random monster at the end of his journey or whatever.

  14. So correct me if I’m wrong here, But I remember seeing a Chuck video a while back where He got with the Author of the Last Godzilla in Hell Issue where they stated:

  15. Infinity Never ends, Dark is Dark, And if Mxyzptlk fights anyone except Q from Star Trek then there will trouble.

  16. It's a kid who defends his home during Christmas vs a monster who breaks into homes during Christmas

  17. I thought it was cool yeah, I don’t much about SCP so that little bit of knowledge and pictures shown was nice.

  18. Bro I saw this show up as “Marvel Opponent” the First time and was about to go full Wolf.

  19. Have Darkseid and Thanos use more of their haxes and other abilities of sort, Hell, you can use Darkseids Ability to create Element X to have him create an Element X sword and use it to go in and actually start to do real damage to Thanos with the Gauntlet. Focus much less on the MCU References and moreso on Comic Thanos, Still include one snap because why not but leave it at ONE. Let Thanos kill Darkseid with multiple different haxes of his and other abilities. Hell, Let Thanos use the time stone to bring Darkseid into the Future where Him, God Quarry Thanos, And King Thanos team up and start Bodying Darkseid, Only for Gauntlet Thanos to make a Blunder and when using the Time Stone to age Darkseid out of existence, instead allows Darkseid to become Soulfire Experiment Darkseid where he starts wrecking House on all three of them, Taking shots from the Infinity Gauntlet without even flinching and actually doing fatal damage to the Thanos’s. By God, Use Darkseid and Thanos’s Intelligence, Darkseid is able to stalemate the Former Wrath of God in chess and Thanos is smart in his own right.

  20. You can get Regular Darkseid Avatars to Outerversal. It’s not like Darkseid doesn’t just scale higher than the amount of Dimensions and Universes in the Pokémon World Anyways.

  21. Alright, but when I say "assuming you don't use Outerversal True Form Darkseid", that implies you also don't use outerversal avatars.

  22. Ah alright, Understandable, I still think Darkseid kinda take it considering the Godsphere should scale higher than stuff in Pokémon, Because even if you say that every Pokémon Game bought is another universe then DC still has multiple Infinite Universe Arguments for its lower multiverse. Arceus scaling above time in Pokémon shouldn’t matter all that much considering that Godsphere scaling helps scale Darkseid above DC’s Time Stream which is already above Infinite Dimensions I believe.

  23. The thing I feel people don’t understand is that there are things that make a good debunk and things that can kill peoples ability to take the debunk Seriously.

  24. I’d prefer voting on the matchups seeing as people are probably voting for a character to get a specific fight out of them, so you might as well just put that fight there because then you have the second thought of wondering if this will Chekovs Gun and we end up with some shit where we vote for Scarlet King and instead of fighting Chaos King he’s fighting like Void Termina or Slenderman.

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