1. Knowing how big Ye’s ego is, I can see why he couldn’t let go a simple joke

  2. How are him and Andrew tate even remotely alike? People look up to tate because they want his wealth and lifestyle, mizzy has nothing to offer anyone

  3. Anybody can latch on to pathetic cults they aren’t exclusive or anything

  4. Everyone always clamors about Far Harbor, but Nuka World feels like a truly Fallout experience. Lots of dark humor and cooky scenarios.

  5. It bored me so bad because of how meaningless it all seemed :( no real choices fr

  6. 🤷‍♀️ I just pulled into a parking space. They didn't make mention that they would damage my stuff before I left, so how would I know that they were nuts?

  7. Remember that you’re talking to an insurance company, not a presumably logical redditor

  8. I feel like you omitted some key details from this story lol. What did they label it as? What dispo?

  9. Don’t put your two weeks in when you find somewhere better, just leave

  10. Yeah it makes perfect sense to me, it's a win/win. It's the government and police that are parasites on private citizens usually 😂

  11. While I’d call one in this case there is a large number of scam two truck companies who be taking peoples shit

  12. Buy a truck, go through any licensing needed, and start an LLC, I imagine?

  13. Normally yes, but just certain people.. certain ones find portal very boring. I'm not sure why but it is indeed a thing.

  14. Such an interesting lot, those who cannot enjoy portal. 😉

  15. How does something like that even work? over 90% that are fighting aren’t even Deities.

  16. They don’t need to be, they’re stronger then 99% of the people in their realms. Those 50-60 fighters were completely running shit basically, which would lead to chaos.

  17. Ok but Some of them don’t even have powers. Some of them use technology or are technology themselves. If the Elder Gods can’t even keep that In check, then they really are toothless like Shao Kahn said.

  18. Like I said yeah, they are shitty. Elder Gods have never been able to get their shit together. It’s a running theme. And yeah but those technology based mfs be running the pockets of some of the genuinely powerful people lol. They’re dangerous in their own way, for what it’s worth

  19. Is he not? I thought they sad that he was in the show from what i remembered

  20. Ohhh okay. Thank you for clarifying. I'm not one for collecting or reading comic books as i am for manga

  21. No worries bro I see where you got that from. Invincible season 2 should be lit the story gets crazy!

  22. Very weird inappropriate comments and body movements. I can give more details if needed.

  23. Sorry bootlicker, I don't have any sympathy for rich celebrities.

  24. Bro you’re angry for no reason 🤣 I’m saying he didn’t really have any sympathy for her he legit just said what happened

  25. I see it now. I think people should rip on him for his pedophilic tendencies more instead, that's that shit you really can't live down

  26. If the insurance company had to pay, yes

  27. My point is the bus driver doesn’t….who you expect to be able to pay all that lol

  28. The insurance company... What are we even discussing?

  29. He said “that’s ass” when they said the bud driver wouldn’t pay it

  30. When i was playing 3 first time, i saw a lone Enclave trooper fighting a radroach somewhere near Dukov house, it was like 7 years ago, so i don't really remember what happened next

  31. Was chilling at Red Rocket when a Death claw runs in front of me in full retreat. Moments later trash can Carla comes chasing after it.

  32. Knoxville and Steve-O were able to go get their shit together and I’m sure they’ve both accrued some head injuries over the years.

  33. All it takes it to hit your head a little too hard one time. He could be unlucky.

  34. I genuinely may have to send him a few bucks when I get my check, this is just depressing

  35. Is ALDIs good or not? I go there rn cuz I heard they were good but now I see people shit on them

  36. I believe the consensus is you're better off just sticking to the manga since it makes some significant changes here and there and Murata's drawings are amazing. That's what I'm doing.

  37. You’re missing out not reading atleast the Monster Association arc in WC first

  38. Glad I made the right choice to not even touch ranked this season then, the same question can be asked of the guy on top of the replicator.

  39. Honestly I think I would have saw this but in my thousands of games I’ve had some rats blend in so well while I’m busy that I don’t see them for quite some time lol

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