1. Gran Turismo 5. Not that I tried 6 but I read 5 is arguably better.

  2. Zulke dingen doe je gewoon niet, welk boek of iets het ook is. Toon respect voor alles en iedereen. Dit is niet iets wat je per ongeluk doet, maar doelbewust mensen pesten of provoceren, het treft echt geen enkel ander doel.

  3. Ga jij mij vertellen wat ik moet doen met mijn spullen? Als ik een boek koop doe ik ermee wat ik wil.

  4. Too short imo. It’s amazing 6 hours but simply not enough. Almost felt like a demo

  5. Kind of agree, though one could argue that its better to have a good but short story than a long, bad story.

  6. It will be hard to take account for SD users when developing next-gen AAA games for sure, games like RDR2 (which is a few years old now) already requires a lot of tweaking to get it to run at 40-60 fps. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though; I think where the SD truly shines is in Indie games and emulation.

  7. People still care about ratings from game journalists?

  8. Did this person buy the book? Yes? Then it is his/her property and may do with it as he/she desires.

  9. Bugs in a massive game like Starfield are to be expected at launch. If you as a player don't like it then you shouldn't buy at launch and wait for the patches.

  10. Add the DLC to Vampire Survivors, it's like 3 euros.

  11. Definitely GTA IV. Being able to disarm someone and kick him in the stomach afterwards is satisfying as hell

  12. Add some more variety for the game with a more casual game mode, basically a Battlefield-like game mode to target a whole new audience. A mode that doesn't necessarily requires strong team work.

  13. I was talking about replacement ds3 batteries when the original no longer holds a charge.

  14. My point still stands; since the legitimate DS3 is no longer sold widely among stores you're better off just using a DS4.

  15. DS4 D-Pad is atrocious and I’m a longtime 2D gamer and fighting game enthusiast. People who are able to use the DS4 and DualSense, just didn’t or have used anything better.

  16. So basically you're saying ding Dong your opinion is wrong? I've been using DS5 for a year now, happily.

  17. People whined when we had map packs. People whined when we had a season pass. Now people whine about this and people will whine about the next thing. We're playing an AAA title here, they can't cater to everyone.

  18. Game is fun, maps are plenty but more are always welcome. Scrap WZ and shift focus back to MP

  19. Not true. The person had about 6,000 hours on RDR and Rockstar reached out to him to transfer his account and send him a Rockstar package.

  20. I hope Google will make it available for purchase. It's one of the only thing they did right with Stadia

  21. Suicide Squad. I didn't even know about that game until now but that's one of those games that are doomed to be disappointing.

  22. Both are resealed, though pretty close to how it's done originally tbh.

  23. I see, it’s so hard to find sealed games anymore :(

  24. Yep..I get that it might be a hobby of yours but are sealed PS3 really that collectable?

  25. I think I had the same thing on PC. As far as I know it's only when using the "aim" function. That or Samus is just cold.

  26. We've waited quite a while now I don't mind a few weeks longer if that means we're getting some good content.

  27. Tbh the bar in which that find what is acceptable content is pretty low. So it worries me that they need another 2 weeks to come up with SOMETHING.

  28. True.. let's hope they take those 2 weeks to properly port over the classic maps that are already in the game, give us a completely new map and/or reintroduce Museum map.

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