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  1. The duck that was killed had maggots inside because he was buried, so og duck died. But also he still had organs despite them being removed so idk.

  2. Bad luck. I remember being jealous of the privilege in the prior years, then feeling really let down when I realised the benches weren’t any less uncomfortable than the floor.

  3. In our skool, the year 6's sat on tables that were turned upside down on other tables, so it looked well cool and we were all so jealous. Shame that when you actually get up there, it ment you had to sit with a metal bar under your thighs. So painful... I just wanted to sit back on the floor.


  5. hits card stack There’s a time and a place for mucking around!

  6. I think it was a rumor created by his PR people... Can't find any sources now saying that now but I remember knowing that at the time (some how)

  7. I've been totally dreaming of making Lesley's jacket aswell! There's some great pictures saved from Becky's stories on

  8. Amazing thank you so much. These are so cool! And you definitely should make one too!

  9. So tempted to give it try! I might try making it with felt as apposed to carpet stuffs... I wouldn't know where to start with that!

  10. But we don't really want to, we're going to miss our show

  11. I saw the long hair and imagined his hair growing while he sat there gaming for time

  12. I frikken love this! As someone who's also in a band with their parents (my mum needs some help with singing nowadays, they formed their band in the 70s before they were married) always good to see multi-generational musicians!

  13. Damn, I wasn't aware of that. Either way it was still cool to watch DHMIS on live TV

  14. I only found out about this last night! Me and my boyfriend watched it separately (long distance relationship) on the phone together and I commented that it will help the ratings - he explained to me about how it works with the sample familys and now I feel like my whole life has been a lie!

  15. So frikken cool to watch it on actual telly though! It definitely hits differently watching it on "the box" than on a phone screen!

  16. I dunno if this is the wrong sub - those lionesses look pretty blazed to me.

  17. I feel bad for the team, must be a nightmare for them and I can't even imagine the stress and pressure. I'm happy to wait an extra few weeks - it'll be worth the wait 🥰

  18. That's the one! Thank you! (It does look like a mushroom cloud, now I think about it! I wonder if it got named in the 50s)

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