1. Oh I know what you're saying. They should have a express lane for pickup on online orders only.

  2. You have to do that at Columbia care in Dayton anyways they don’t have walk in orders. Was in and out in 5 mins today !

  3. That’s a shame about the rainbow chip. It was one of my favorites from certified cultivators.

  4. Yeah that’s meigs county gold that stuff used to pop up at skatopia here and there .

  5. Easy, they didn’t have to give a deal and gets you in the door!

  6. It's an actual strategy for versus, AI infected sometimes use it too.

  7. Raging Nathan’s rule Dayton, best band in town ! Every show is a treat !

  8. I think that’s when he was on tour with Ozzy and max caldera

  9. I enjoyed it. Not sure if it’s worth the 7 bucks but it’s not bad at all. Really good strain

  10. In Dayton they are selling it for 70 but grow Ohio is still 55 . They are claiming the “live resin “ is better ?

  11. Definitely not worth the extra 15. I heard grow was coming with the live resin lusters very soon. I’d wait for those before spending 70 on the HON. It’s okay on sale but not worth 70.

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