What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, December 15, 2022

*Lowers face into palm*

Hope to make it to the other side.


That was fun, but I'm glad to be back

Just seeing what's going on

Well, are you?

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

Let's sip to good health and good company

  1. Gap up overnight. Compress all day. Big money ain't doing shit. Just this fucken illusion that market is rallying but the lack of volume should be very telling.

  2. We are gonna compress all day again aren't we?

  3. the charts look dramatic but we're not actually pumping that much

  4. The fact that we are even pumping with this shit volume is amazing in itself lol.

  5. SPY is at the same levels as May 2021. Progress.

  6. I don't know how to trade this garbage. We just trade within a range most days now. SPY likely gonna reject at high of the day and we will end somewhere in the middle of high/low of day.

  7. Have you heard of the tragedy of Darth Plaguis The Wise? He had a deep understanding of the market and the ability to predict its movements with uncanny accuracy.

  8. So did anyone make money today? It kept going in an out profit with this clown market lol. Tomorrow is a new day.

  9. I'm glad there are no perma bulls in this sub. Would have been tragic.

  10. The harder the rally the harder the reality check.

  11. Welp that's it for me. Sitting on my hands till tomorrows announcement. Best of luck to overnight holders. May your IV crush and theta decay be minimal.

  12. It's a good thing this thing literally can't go tits up. Otherwise I'd be in trouble.

  13. Lmao saw some posts earlier today that bulls would be sleeping peacefully as futures were ripping.

  14. SPY is chilling right at the 200 ma resistance level. Non-coincidentally this was Fridays high. I'm hoping we break through with conviction otherwise I'm getting puts on the pullback.

  15. SPY coming up to resistance, Fridays high. Go to the daily chart to see it clearer. Let's see what happens!

  16. Yup, just gonna sit in my hands today. I want no part of this.

  17. I blinked and Biden was suddenly gone. Dude moves quick.

  18. Think I just listened to a campaign speech lol.

  19. This is where you should put the gambler in you aside and start considering investing in stocks at discount. This may not be the bottom but it's a good time to start averaging.

  20. You became a perma bull, You said green by open, You get nothing, You lose, Good day sir! I said good day!

  21. Just play both sides. This market will not pick a direction until we bottom out.

  22. Got me a nice TSLA 3/17 put with a $205 strike. Delta on it is pretty sweet.

  23. Do ppl actually make money consistently like this? I just trade stocks and haven't dabbled in options, I can't get over losing all of my money in a gambling fashion.

  24. Options are very good for making money without having the capital to buy 100 shares of a stick if used wisely. What you see on this subreddit is mostly gambling on far out of the money options hoping for a big ass move. Great risk great reward type of deal.

  25. I'm up 20% trading SQQQ since Dec. 20th, small wins and it's been very challenging. At first, was trading V shaped recoveries but it started dumping so hard. So I'd DCA after big dump and sell after the next pump barley coming out. Fed meeting 2nd pump expecting dump was big hit but now made it all back. Being a bear has sucked for a while.

  26. Trading SPY, SPX, QQQ, SQQQ can be profitable if consistent but right now it's just so difficult because of all the choppiness. One bit of news and you get stomped on. It's a scalping environment sadly. I want those consistent trans days back. This market everionment is hard but if you learn it here you'll do great when the next bull run starts.

  27. What is this market even? Been like this for a hot minute now.

  28. Ok fancy pants. Spill the beans. Who is this AI fuck and when can I meet him behind a dumpster?

  29. It's a nice poem but the 2nd line doesn't make sense. If market dips and you bought puts, your port would go up. You belong here.

  30. Don't think there's a bull case just yet. Rates are high. Less borrowing leads to less growth. Sure inflation starting to go down, but we have to keep interest rates up until it comes down to the level we want. Don't see market pumping again just to see inflation go back up.

  31. Guys im starting to think SPY 500 eoy was a lie.

  32. Of this I am certain. Surely this can't go tits up.

  33. Alot of pain can be avoided by not buying SPY calls at the 200 moving average of 403. Also don't buy puts at the 100 day moving average of 392.20. SPY is getting squeezed between these two lines as they are converging. We will get a breakout soon. Wait for the breakout and ride the wave.

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