1. Gotta get liquidity from somewhere I guess.

  2. Oh damn 200 SMA on SPY is at 402.80. If we break through and close above then bah gawd we got a nice setup.

  3. We didn't get a breakout with follow thru. Looking like we just gonna chop again. Gonna go look for some solid mash potato recipes.

  4. Stop picking on me or my friend volume will beat you up. Volume teach these bozos a lesson. Looks Back

  5. Haha! Take that bears! Who needs volume when you've got...umm...hmmm... Guys, what's moving the market right now?

  6. We're about to pump big in the first hour then stay flat the rest of the day again aren't we?

  7. Alexa, play The Crossroads by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

  8. Well I'll be damned. That SPY strangle is gonna work.

  9. Gonna do a strangle on SPY. Let's get another flat day tomorrow.

  10. Let me get this straight, the Fed meeting minutes did nothing, but in 5 minutes it will dump? I'm all in.

  11. Ok here we go. Let's load up. Box or Buggati

  12. SPY didn't even give me the common courtesy of letting me put my kneepads on.

  13. SPY had a choice today and it chose violence.

  14. We got so close to low of the year and SPY said fuck that.

  15. Do you guys blow each other's support levels? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. DJ Liquidity would be a cool name. Another good one would be DJ Theta. I'd even accept DJ Far Out of The Money Puts.

  17. Boy am I glad I set up those stop losses lol.

  18. I guess we are just gonna chill here at SPY 374-375

  19. Tell me about the puts you bought. Give me all the horrific details

  20. I bought equal # of SPY puts and calls expiring tomorrow. We gonna be flat aren't we?

  21. I believe a SPY strangle is in order for tomorrow.

  22. ADP employment change data for Sept. This kicks off many other emplyment reports that will continue until end of next week.

  23. SPY is just stacking green candles on the 5m. Jeez.

  24. This rally makes sense though right? I mean sure things are snowballing out of control in the world but elections are coming up. Gotta prop that market up. Also, Santa is coming back after last year's hiatus.

  25. Must be a hell of an emergency Fed meeting.

  26. Your comment was so honest and to the point that I chuckled. Have an upvote kind soul.

  27. You day trade it if you can and close all your positions end of day.

  28. You'd best start believing in bear markets Miss Turner, you're in one.

  29. These SPX spreads are just all over the damn place lol. Going from red to green so fast it's triggering my epilepsy.

  30. I have SPY resistance at $366.97 and support at 366.16 it has tested both today and rejected. Wonder which one will break out. We may even trade within these ranges al day.

  31. We are close to a major support on SPY (362ish). May very well get rejected and we rally. If it doesn't then we are really going on a downward spiral.

  32. Some mind fuckery is gonna be happening as we get close to SPY 362 year low. Some will say it bounces and we rally some may say we break through and continue the bloodshed. No idea who will be right. I'll be decreasing my bets as we get closer to target planning on sitting out completely when we are at the line.

  33. They lost for the last decade straight

  34. No lol. Both bears and bulls have their time to shine. Play both sides and you'll always shine.

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