1. how do I build on it? I know my abilities don't end where they're at. If I train my energy, I wouldn't need to narrow it to see them, but how do I train it?

  2. You dont train your "energy", you train your mind. Feel free to DM and I'll tell ya.

  3. So, I just have found that subs for this topic exist. It's pretty cool to find others that have had tulpas. I created mine, and that was about 3 years ago. It was intentional, and in an aim to better myself as a whole. My tulpa is a manifestation and visualization of my subconscious mind directly. And yes, I understand that all tulpas stem from subconscious processes, but mine is the whole of my subconscious. To put it in a simple way, it's like my subconscious has it's own thoughts and opinions, but it's also still me. Not split personality either, as we both look out for the better of us and everyone around us, and by "us" I mean me as a whole.

  4. In addition to the Kybalion, I also recommend a book by Itzhak Bentov called Stalking the Wild Pendulum. It goes through a more pragmatic derivation of some of the underlying principles, approaching from a more physics-based standpoint

  5. Awesome, thank you. I will be checking that out, no doubt.

  6. “the kabalion” is also a very well written text to read

  7. So glad i found this … it’s literally exactly what I’ve been looking for

  8. So sorry if I may message back a bit late, had research going on and had been gone for a bit. But always here to help.

  9. I wonder if people with psychic abilities just naturally have a more quiet mind than those who don’t have abilities. With the mind less occupied with thoughts and distractions, there would be more “brain processing power” available to notice things that our brains normally filter out as background noise. I have no proof but this is just a theory of mine.

  10. You'd be surprised. I have found it to be the exact opposite. Rather it is the work of both the conscious and subconscious in union, with the most consistant, fastest, and most frequent thoughts possible to the natural human mind.

  11. In my opinion, every human being has psychic abilities. However, some possess heightened psychic abilities. So basically yes, it's possible that a psychic will probably tell you that you're psychic and aren't tapped in. For example, I am psychic and since tapping in I have very little desire to CONSTANTLY seek out another psychic or intuitive guidance. So, chances are if you're seeking out intuitive guidance, you haven't tapped into your own inner knowing.

  12. Straight up, I see what you mean and agree. No offense to anyone.

  13. Would you happen to know how to awaken/develop clairvoyance if you don’t have anyone to practice with?

  14. Well, you have yourself. And psi is about that kind of self-discipline.

  15. Cool beans. Is there anything in particular out exercises that would unlock or develop the ability?

  16. Unlock, no idea. Develop current ability, yes. Feel welcome to DM.

  17. Fair point, does sound like it could turn out sketch. Never thought about it like that. But I feel there are practical uses for those who make one in certain ways.

  18. Actually, I haven't watched that yet, funny enough. Love David Lynch, tho.

  19. Wow. That's an incredible description. Thank you very much for sharing.

  20. Nah, telepathy is where you can hear their thoughts or send them thoughts. Its not about picking up random thoughts that when you ask the person, they weren't even thinking of that. And I mentioned the subconscious thoughts like you did your reply (conscious or not), but still telepathy is about communication from mind to mind.

  21. Explain to me how a random, subconscious thought differs from a conscious one? They are both forms of thought and both from the same mind, so why would that be any different in any way? Also, clairaudience works through sound, picking up on the vibrations of sound made where it should be inaudible to that person. Not another separate ability that does the same that telepathy does, which is collect or send info between two or more people without any form of physical interaction. Subconscious or conscious, it's still thought, and this makes no sense.

  22. As far as I go, I share all of these opinions. I really resonate with A LOT of your posts actually! One question, do you think anyone can develop genuine psychic abilities or that individuals are gifted (for whatever reason?)

  23. Some a born with natural abilities, while others unlock them in many different ways. But I do think it's possible for anyone to unlock and develop them, just not completely sure what causes it to unlock. I know some ways, but not the exact reason yet.

  24. What's your plan by saying this other than to be an asshole?

  25. If someone kills for the evil thrill or kills due to fetishizing the act itself. But also I feel it has it's more grey areas, like protecting innocent lives or your own. So, yeah, probably don't go killing people. As well, this is just what I believe, so take it for what you will.

  26. Might just be me here, but I don't think this place is what makes suffering, but people make people suffer, rather. Sure there are things not caused by us, such as an act of nature or a tragic accident, but when it comes down to why most people suffer in their lifetime is due to the acts of others. Not the place we live, not the other things in our environment, and not from accidental loss, just us and how we treat each other here in life. So, you wanna be mad, I guess be mad at people. Cause some people can hurt. Those who hurt will hurt others. You get what I mean. Just wanted to share.

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