1. IMHO I think the pedestrians should always have the right of way. If you run someone over, that’s your fault. Unless they literally jump in front of you

  2. What job and what general level of gearing?

  3. Is COR very viable to main as a new character? Or is that more of a project for a second job?

  4. Absolutely viable, more so than PUP or SMN I'd say. COR is very strong right out of the gate.

  5. Hazards are for communicating extra-ordinary situations to other drivers to increase awareness and tell them to use extra caution in approaching your position.

  6. The best quick hack is cyberpsychosis. I ping and tag everyone. Place bets, then let one of them run wild on the rest.

  7. 1440p is the sweet spot for games like this in my opinion, for monitors in the 25-35" size range. It looks stunning on my 27". As far as looking pixelated, turn on supersampling in Windower if you want everything to be silky smooth looking.

  8. My Resolutions have been fairly weak. I usually use Dimidiation instead as I've been seeing better numbers consistently. I haven't taken a look at my set in a while, but I probably need to get better multi-attack pieces and to finish gathering things for the fotia belt. I'm using a combination with some aug'd herc hands and feet (both with quad, I think, but at least one is), the meghanada pants, Idr which body (probably ayanmo), perfect aug'd dampening tam, then like the fotia gorget, cessance ear, petrov ring, sailfi belt +1 (no augs), anu torque, coiste bodhar (no augs yet), and hetairoi ring. I need to find a more suitable neck. I've been considering my grunfeld rope for the str on it instead of my sailfi belt. No idea where people make so much money for mats to aug gear lol. I've had a few boring days lately, so I still haven't seen what I can do properly buffed yet as is, though.

  9. Sounds like you'd benefit a lot from some Omen. Knobkierre (which I'm certain beats unaugmented Coiste), Regal Ring, Niqmaddu Ring, Sherida Earring, etc.

  10. I have knobkierre, which I use for Dim, but not Res (coiste bodhar there). Fotia belt is on the to-do list. Sailfi is just for tp for rn and I think I have flume in my hybrid set anyways to keep pdt capped, for now. Considering switching from a parry cape to pdt for the hybrid, then I'd be able to fit my anu torque... I've lost every lot on a Sherida and Niqmaddu, unfortunately. Haven't done much Ou yet (ls has started doing them, though). Ioskeha belt +1 is probably a while down the line for me due to costs. I think it was 10mil-ish last time I checked (that's a ton for me). Idr how much was on my herc off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure I got a good chunk of atk with the qa. Going for phalanx DM augs on some other herc pieces rn (and having bad luck lol). The Epeo timegate is driving me insane. I want it so bad. A little under 3mo away still... Far from having enough H-P Bayld, Beitetsu, and the money to buy them, though. Trying to have some job diversity so people don't exclude you kills a person's wallet lol (also play GEO and DRK, and WAR soon).

  11. I mean I mostly agree, but if a leak were to come out 4chan would be one of the best places to post it since it's totally anonymous.

  12. It's no more anonymous than most of the Internet.

  13. I dunno about that. My S14, even stock with new all season tires, was a shit show in the mildest of weather. A little drizzle and it was slideways time regardless of how gentle I was on the throttle.

  14. There was definitely something wrong with your setup. Possibly alignment if the tires really were new. Could be something like the previous owner had curbed a wheel and didn't repair the suspension.

  15. No, its definitely the trash OEM open differential that I had. It made that car dangerous and unpredictable.

  16. Open diff should make it less prone to sliding.

  17. This is true in Odyssey Gaol (v25 in particular) more than anywhere else, due to the demanding nature of those fights. The strict time limit, enemy regen, and WS wall all ensure that compositions tend to have as many people DPSing as they can afford to.

  18. Nope! I treat everyone like a student driver!

  19. What's your goal? Keep in mind, aftermarket mufflers are all loud. The quietest one you can find will still be significantly louder than stock. If it's the only mod to the car, the power gain will most likely be so low that you'll have to trick yourself into believing it's faster (which is made easier by the fact that it sounds faster).

  20. Yeah I'm simply looking for a bit more sound since I had already known a muffler change wouldn't significantly increase power

  21. If that's the case and you've got the money for it, I say go ham!

  22. What's easier, tanking or healing? Getting forced into one of the roles and don't wanna have a hard time.

  23. Healer is one of those roles that you can be really lazy and do alright and it's extremely easy, boringly easy even, or you can invest effort in doing it right and it becomes an extremely busy job but also makes a BIG difference to the group. Being a good healer is a heavy burden and usually thankless to boot. However, it will make everyone's lives so much easier (or harder if done poorly).

  24. As far as TIFUs go, this could've gone much worse.

  25. I’m a whm, so it’s hard to get an optimal party going since the lineups don’t use whm. We get stuck on E boss, get him down to 20% and then just can’t finish him.

  26. I can not decide on a class for the life of me... is there anything on the easier side for a newer player? I prefer melee, but don't mind playing ranged/magic either.

  27. My advice is to start trying them all and see which one grabs you! Since you prefer melee, start with WAR & MNK, maybe try THF, then expand into the advanced jobs like SAM or DRK. Many will come in handy for subjobs later anyway. Unfortunately, many will feel similar early on but you can still sort of get a feel for how they play.

  28. If you can't hit the 1000 point in Domain Invasion, either due to gear limitations or server population, you can also get it by grinding out Geas Fete NMs. Neak is a popular one to farm, but you can even do alright just grinding out an easy T1. Side benefit is you also end up with a bunch of stones for augmenting. If you do it right, you can actually get faster beads doing this than doing capped Domain Invasions.

  29. I thought for the average person that PCCBs were better for road use as they will last over 100k miles on regular road use but will last significantly less for track use (still more than steels but not proportional to the cost difference)?

  30. You don’t stop for people in crosswalks in California?

  31. You just stroll into the crosswalk without checking your surroundings in wherever you're from?

  32. This was a rhapsodies mission I was doing when this happened....:(

  33. Then you probably already have it. I think the Reisenjima stuff happens near the end of Rhapsodies.

  34. I just checked. That key item is the one you get for completing the story

  35. Scintillating is from completion. You don't need that, you only need Fuschia to buy Grape Daifuku.

  36. Double Decker tacos from Taco Bell. Especially if you eat them in the restaurant while the re-fried beans are still warm.

  37. How much do you think I should offer for Genmei shield drop / runs? I’m so close to capping DT and I’m struggling to get a party together for it.

  38. Just form a group with shout. You literally just need a decent tank and some magic damage. The drop is not rare at all. If you're around later tonight I might be able to help.

  39. Heads up: Most aftermarket coilovers will be fine for track use but extremely stiff for street use. If you get stiff suspension and intend to daily drive this thing, you may grow to hate it.

  40. Wow I gotta say that's a pretty impressive split on the poll so far. That's a good sign that all 3 stories are very strong!

  41. Current era. Honestly, if a game came out today that replicated 75 era FFXI, most people wouldn't tolerate the extreme amounts of stupid bullshit. The travel times, the shitty leveling progression, the utter lack of solo capabilities, the idiotic structure of endgame NMs, the copious amounts of worthless endgame gear, etc.

  42. You know most of this is nostalgia, the game wasnt as you remember so fondly. It would definitely fail in todays market. There is no private server success, each one copies the last and they never advance. This new one has a lot of advertising behind it, it is no different. Its sad seeing you disparage the current game because you got burnt out. Linkshells died around abyssea but picked up after adoulin and stayed strong. We just had our last alliance content not that long ago.

  43. Is the Raetic Rod + 1 worth it for my cure sets? It would cap both my cure and cure II but that MP cost may be too much.

  44. In my opinion it's not worth it. Think of it this way: It doesn't make your cures bigger, it shifts your cures up half a tier. So instead of Cure 3, you have Cure 3.5. You're paying a lot more MP for a little more HP. It is nowhere near efficient. I prefer to just cast a bigger Cure if I need a bigger Cure. I've never felt like they weren't big enough.

  45. Does cureskin stack with Stoneskin? If someone already has stoneskin on and i cast cure on them does it increase the damage reduction?

  46. Nope Stoneskin blocks Cureskin, it's the same buff. Cureskin also won't overwrite itself, so you can't just keep bombing them with cures to refresh it.

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