What gets men in the mood for sex?

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  1. It seems like you’ve already set boundaries for yourself and after 6 years haven’t crossed them. Urges to do things you probably shouldn’t do are very common, drug use is no different. You have fun on the drug, so naturally your brain wants to recreate that fun as often as possible and tries to convince you to do it. You, being a sound and smart human being, know that those are intrusive thoughts, and you pack them away with the rest of them and continue respecting your boundaries. The fun stops completely when the addiction starts, so that knowledge should help push those intrusive thoughts and cravings aside. An old friend had a fatal heart attack at 37 due to cocaine use, but he was a true addict using multiple times a day, out of shape, didn’t take care of himself, smoked cigs, didn’t sleep much, etc. I would think a few times a year for a healthy adult would be relatively safe. Just make sure you have a test kit, I knew a guy that died last year due to coke cut with fentanyl.

  2. Thats true, I've done it and received it, always straight out of the shower if you ever want to try it. Plus I was trying to get her ready for anal, idk I totally get why it isn't for everyone for sure

  3. I don’t mind it, it makes her cum harder and ultimately that’s hot for me, so I suck it up and fight the gross thoughts. We’re always freshly showered anyway, there’s not a place on her I wouldn’t tongue if she asked.

  4. There’s a lot of good advice here, but not all of it pertains to a cut that thick, and would be more for a 10-16oz steak. For a cut this thick, I’d salt it at least two hours ahead of time, longer if you can. Obviously that’s not imperative for a great steak, but if you skip that step you should coat the entire exterior in salt right before you cook it, because most of it “washes off” with the fat and juices. To cook, I’d probably cast iron sear it first to get a really nice dark crust, then transfer the pan to a 400 degree oven, flipping occasionally, until the temp of the thickest part reaches 115 or so. Since this cut is thick, the internal heat will take longer to dissipate, and you can use that residual heat to cook it the rest of the way while it rests. So let it rest, monitoring the temp all the while, until it reaches 133 (my favorite temp, it’s the temp beef fat renders at, so all the fat is soft and tender). If you choose to grill it, do so for a portion with the lid closed and the exposed bone covered in foil. When I grill I try to avoid direct flame contact with the beef. A nice cut like yours is very fatty, and that fat will render and burn, and cause flare ups, which will give it more of a burnt flavor than a deep caramelized flavor.

  5. I’m in my mid thirties, similar story to yours.. knew the basics, jammed with my roommates for fun, played by myself mostly as a hobby. I started playing around 12 years old, goofing around occasionally until I moved out at 18 and started actually learning songs and playing with friends. My “songs that I can confidently play” library grew substantially over the years, but I never improved my technique or actually even knew what I was doing, I simply knew the chords I looked up to play a song and the strumming pattern. So sure, that helped burn chords into my memory, but I was lazy and never learned barre chords because my hand was weak and I found them more difficult to play. Several years ago, still in my thirties, I decided why not take a leap and start taking it seriously? I downloaded learning apps, signed up for intermediate lessons, read books, practiced exercise after exercise.. while I’m still far from where I want to be as a guitar player, I now know many scales, techniques, styles, barre chords, every note on the fretboard, etc., and all that’s done is make me hungry to learn and do more. Don’t give up and don’t make excuses, just go for it!

  6. Changing the strings is relatively easy buddy, watch a few quick videos online and you’ll figure it out.

  7. I've always heard the acronyms starting with the low E. I realize it doesn't matter, but it's just interesting to me that it took over 20 years for me to hear one starting at the other end.

  8. I get the sentiment totally. I simply learned it the opposite way, which helped me remember the order of the strings, but if you’re experienced and used to going low E to high, I can imagine it sounds pretty stupid.

  9. When I started schooling many many years ago, I had already worked in restaurants for several years. I wanted to progress further so I started culinary school. I quickly realized that I knew more than any of my peers, and it felt like a waste of time learning about things I’ve already been doing, and buying thousands of dollars worth of books that contained information I already knew. So after about 6-8 months I dropped out. I still put “attended culinary school” on my resume, and that’s never been brought up in an interview. What they definitely do care about is my experience and success, not a degree. A degree would be more helpful to you in a corporate environment, but not an independent restaurant.

  10. Same. Got in very early, when hex was a fraction of a penny. So while it’s a far cry from where I was several month ago, I’m still ahead, though not confident it’ll stay that way. I’m very hopeful that I can use my stakes to better myself and build my business, but hope unfortunately doesn’t do shit.

  11. I bet the reason he doesn’t want salt before is because he’s a purist. Salt affects the moisture content and cellular structure of most foods. He probably thinks that not salting results in a more natural flavor and texture. I’m not saying I agree, just that I’ve heard that theory before from oldschool chefs. I agree with most people here - it’s never too early to salt meat.

  12. My first guitar based on budget was a $200ish Yamaha. My second guitar was a slightly better, $300ish Yamaha. My third guitar was an $800ish Gretsch. No need to start with super high quality while you learn, get something cheaper but still solid wood, and your guitar collection will grow as you grow as a guitar player.

  13. Not sure, maybe send an oz my way just to test it out for you 😉

  14. Two lines in the hot dog costume scene. When Tim says “we’ll take his bare butt out of his costume and give him a spanking” and “I’ll take that random hot dog car and drive back to wiener hall.” Both implying he is guilty, if it wasn’t already obvious enough

  15. If I was a guy with a big burly white beard would you still be yelling at me? Or would you be spanking my bare butt, balls, and back?

  16. Man, that sigh at the very end. We have all felt that exact sigh…

  17. This is almost as bad as an ansul system blowing. Slightly easier to clean up, but still gotta clean everything

  18. Like 15 years ago I worked at a steakhouse that made fresh prime rib every day, so whatever was left at the end the employees got to take home. So I always grabbed the rare and mid rare leftovers and stocked my freezer for months. Then one day I decided to make prime rib chili. I made the chili and bean base and simmered, and when I mixed in the prime rib, I started drinking pretty heavy with my roommate. Next thing I know, I wake up face down on the living room floor with a house filled with smoke, and a giant pot of prime rib chili reduced to a cup of char. Ruined my pot, my freezer stash, my chili, my air quality, my buzz, and my mood all at once.

  19. Could have a clog in pinholes closest to the ignition source. If you hold a lighter directly to a different part of the burner, does it light, or is gas just not coming through the burner at all?

  20. Good to practice playing along to a variety of types of music. You can easily do this with a simple mixer & cell phone/ cpu/ tablet and appropriate cable converter to RCA outs or 1/4 outs. Plug in guitar direct to mixer. Headphones . And you’re playing music to any band you’d like or play along with your own recorded tunes. That will help you become better prepared and less nervous around others. It’s something if you do an hour a day it will pay dividends after a few months.

  21. If you have an amplifier that has Bluetooth, connect to your phone, and play YouTube backing tracks to play along with.

  22. There’s usually no seeds in really good weed, because good weed is harvested from female plants. Male plants are good for breeding, and are therefore usually very seedy. Female plants produce bigger buds, contain more resins and oils and trichomes. My best friend (RIP) used to grow and he taught me all about that stuff, to date he had the best weed I’ve ever seen in my life, and that was 10 years ago.

  23. I decided not to renew my card this year for that very reason. I don’t want to contribute to heartless rich fuckers getting obnoxiously richer off of our illnesses. If they cared about us they’d let us grow, simple as that. We’re just dollars to them. I’d rather give the money to my plug who actually likes me and doesn’t scam me.

  24. Just go to Michigan you only have to goto monroe, MI there's about 10 dispensaries in town there and ozs start as low as 69$ and its good they di deals on carts 8/100$ and concentratesc6-8/100$ depending on brands edibles 5/25$ bottom line and that's just recreational if you have med card its cheaper and most place cover the excise tax and they almost all accept ohio med cards

  25. Yep! The main reason I’m considering renewing is because Michigan dispensaries often give 30% discounts to Ohio card holders.

  26. Guaranteed starting rate where I work is $15, you make more based on experience and proven ability. The average line cook pay is $18, some of my prep guys make $22 because they’re so efficient and help cut labor, Managers/chefs are expected to work 50 hours a week and make anywhere from $50k-$70k based on expectations, work load, title, etc.

  27. Lame cheap presliced low grade crap. Looks like a grocery store party platter or Lunchables

  28. Op’s budget was like $3 per person, good meats and cheeses simply wouldn’t make him any money here. I don’t fault him for it at all, you get what you pay for. The event was in N Dakota and had Busch Light kegs, I don’t think the client cares too much, lol.

  29. To be fair, there is little to nothing we can do about Russia. With covid every single person can do something like hand washing, masking, social distancing, vaccinating, etc.... With Russia, there is absolutely nothing that you and I can do about the situation.

  30. I know some dudes that put on charity fundraisers and personally flew to Poland and hand-delivered money and supplies to allies on their way to the front lines. So, if nothing else, one could donate online to Ukraine and allies?

  31. Some Teflon sheets are designed to be porous for things like dehydrators. If after several uses this doesn’t change, you might have dehydrator mats 🤷‍♂️

  32. I’ve had better luck with recipes by weight, and it’s crazy the difference silicon baking mats make in my crappy electric oven. Also, make sure you don’t have baking pans that warp at hot temps; some of my older pans “pop” and sit unevenly in the oven, causing slants on some of my baked goods.

  33. When I started drinking sodas for enjoyment only, and not because I’m thirsty, my life changed. Started with no more sodas on the line at work, then no more sodas at home, then I cut out my daily energy drink and coffee, quit drinking beer, quit smoking, and it all feels so good and I lost so much weight I gotta keep going. Now I’ve been to the gym 3-5 times a week for 4 months and I’m gettin’ swole af. Self love is important, and kidney stones are unbearable.

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