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  1. Yeah I’m a middle player and playing with a bunch of elites sucks. My friends like to do 4v4 private matches and the random teams can get way off sometimes on balance.

  2. Where do you live my man? Im down for playing with you we will team up an go to war

  3. Electronics Engineer here, yeah that is a gel encapsulant to protect the more sensitive stuff that produces heat. That why it is on that aluminum plate to act as a heat sink. Should be able to scrape it right off.

  4. The smaller amount you print at a time will yield better quality prints. Also reducing failure rate.

  5. Nice. I love the revolver. Have on e wry single load out so if I upgrade it, the upgrade follows my load out change.

  6. Is this how they are unwinding their short positions? All of the banks hold a fraction of the total due but they slowly clear everything through these government bailouts? Just a smooth brain over here.

  7. I am really interested in trying Pepe’s at 61st and 33rd west boulevard. It’s a taco truck parked next to a restaurant.

  8. I love my Little Giant 26’ but damn that thing is heavy. The wheels they added are a definite life saver.

  9. Yeah the older versions don’t, I’ve noticed. I only borrowed my buddies older one but when I found a newer one for sale on marketplace with wheels I bought it. The price has dropped drastically too. A new one today is less than a third of the original price.

  10. What helps me is to mix up private and public matches. In a private match of 8 players there is no cheating. There are some downsides, like both teams communicate in the same lobby and playing with elites sucks sometimes but it’s worth it to avoid the cheaters.

  11. Yeah. I got $300 out of my fairly used one with a big bag of parts, charger and old batt.

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