Fuck apartheid, free palestine!

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  1. [ัƒะดะฐะปะตะฝะพ]

  2. They weren't killed for 'not cleaning their barracks', that is an absurd thing to say.

  3. Love how I got -20 dowvotes for saying that the nazis were bad and that they werent executed because they didn't clean their room, instead of the fucking multiple genocides that they participated in!

  4. He could have literally died at any age and the timing of his death would've always been 'sus' to the liberals

  5. A "democratic socialist" who has not once in her life advocated that the workers should own the means of their production? While voting "Yea" or abstaining when the US wants to coup/bomb another country because they elected a leftist leader?

  6. They're not an asshole, they are based. And if you think it's evil to call you out for saying some nonsense, then you can't be helped.

  7. Fuck Bolzo, but notice the difference between the reporting that Xi Jinping being elected for his third term as being "the dictator for life", meanwhile Lula being elected for his third term was a "win for the democracy"

  8. "Now he and a few of our mutual friends are saying I'm a "class traitor," and a "right wing capitalist," and that I'm "becoming a bootlicker."

  9. The point remains his words have no implications whatsoever. They carry no weight, positive or negative. Let's call them what they really are just meaningless gesture. If he truly cares about the atrocities in Ukraine he can talk about how the proceedings should given to them. Those words will have an impact. A privileged person claiming they support a cause with out actually providing the needed help is nothing more than virtue signaling.

  10. I just fucking can't, fuck Israel and fuck their genocide! Free Palestine!

  11. Damn, Ligma Balls, my favourite author.

  12. Now let's rename all Russian named elements with new freedom names so no more Tenessine but Baldeagleium and so on

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