1. The end area is also closer to the chef who wants to use the turtles for soup. Something seems fishy here… or should I say… turtley

  2. “I’d like to order some eggs please. No, not scrambled, why?”

  3. I'm well past my teens and I'm on Youtube a lot. Use it way more than the other platforms listed there and way more than Netflix, Prime etc. I love having it on in the background or when I feel like watching something interesting for 5-10mins.

  4. Yeah my most used app on my phone is YouTube cos I just have it playing constantly in the background. I’m not always watching it

  5. No, I’m saying that because if it’s not accessible people aren’t going to comment it here are they?

  6. Other people will always say something different. The question was which movies are worth watching, not which are accessible. Those are different things. A film that is not as easy to get into can still be worth a watch.

  7. I understand that but if your average layman doesn’t enjoy the film or doesn’t find it accessible, they probably won’t be rushing to comment it here or upvote it to the top comments, hence my response to why it’s not really mentioned here.

  8. Then you knock off the helmet and it turns out it's just the False Knight maggot up to their tricks again.

  9. I can’t watch something with subtitles if it’s in English. The words on screen distract me from what I’m hearing

  10. Mine keeps doing it sometimes too and also will turn down volume randomly or just not let me turn it up past a point

  11. I feel like somethings not right here. Here’s my thinking:

  12. The cat is not in distress. It might be mildly perturbed but if it was in distress it would run away and hide like every other cat on earth would do.

  13. Read my comment again. If the cat is drugged it’s not running anywhere. All it can do to show distress is wave it’s tail and meow. I’ve seen people drug cats for videos before, it’s nothing new.

  14. Oh man this little clip made me want to go play the original PlayStation1 Spyro. There’s something about the way that cutscene glides the camera to fit the dragon and then the crystal disappears that’s just so nostalgic

  15. This just made one of my favourite films better

  16. How different is their DJ set to live?

  17. I appreciate you considering what the logo would look like in different scenarios, especially monochrome. Generally, I like the style, but there are a few issues I can see.

  18. I really can’t see the phallicness of that P.

  19. It's much more legible when both sides of the illustration are the same color. The version in the left is a bit more difficult to comprehend at first glance. Honestly without the version on the right it would have taken me quite a bit longer to understand it.

  20. I agree in that it looks nicer with both halves in the same colour but I don’t think it’s difficult to comprehend. I can see what you’re going for and straight away I could tell that’s meant to be a landscape with the stars and mountains without your explanation. The logo tells me this is a company with adventure in mind.

  21. I’m sure. But the threes were was worse than the twos for me

  22. That head nod reminds me of Glass Animals I Just Wanna Dance

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